Denon AVR X4300H AV Receiver Sweepstakes

Register to win a Denon AVR X4300H AV Receiver (MSRP $1499) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Discover a whole new world of thrilling 3D surround sound with the Denon AVR-X4300H Network AV receiver, a premium 9.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with built-in HEOS wireless technology, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, HDCP2.2/HDR, MultEQ XT32 HDMI IN/Out and AL24 Plus.

With its built-in HEOS technology, the AVR-X4300H can join or establish a HEOS wireless multi-room music network, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and everywhere around your home. Share music to other HEOS devices, and explore, browse, and play music from your own music library, from online streaming music services, and from thousands of internet radio stations – all controlled using the simple, intuitive HEOS app.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

njeb's picture

Big fan of Denon!!!

GMtech65's picture

I have been using Denon Products for over 25 Years! I would like to have that Denon Reciever , plan to upgrade soon also I love Sound and Vision Magazine !!!!

Ddunham's picture

I could really use a nice Unit like this one.

Osborn20's picture

Somebody is going to get lucky>

Wattyballs's picture

I have had 3 Denon Receivers Need a fourth.

stephenyeung168's picture

I love Denon!

mwilen's picture

I would love to replace my beloved but way outdated 20-year-old Denon receiver with a swanky up-to-date new one!

jhwalker's picture

Would love one of these xoxo

kevinmahaney1's picture

I'd love to upgrade from my old Denon!

brfurst's picture

This would be the beginning of a dream

Stevek2617's picture

This is great. I've been looking to upgrade and this would clearly do the job!

tpsailor's picture

Always been an admirer of Denon products. This looks like another great one!

Lusus888's picture

Winner winner chicken dinner

RXOLIVERIO's picture

Love your magazine keep up the great work. I own a Denon 4520. Great sounding receiver. Wouldn't mine a newer model.

Cisco-Wizard's picture

Would love to win this!

tonydz77's picture

yes, Please!!!

clarinetone's picture

I want one.

MoBoxing's picture

Needing a new receiver in a bad way. Praying I win this.

TheProfessor's picture

No further entries required. This is the winning entry.

matteos's picture

I need one of these!!! Endless HDCP issues with my current AVR.

wendigone's picture

I've always been envious of my brother's Denon. Hopefully no longer!

willmo's picture

Here's to me winning!!!

timk's picture

Make me a winner!

matthews99109's picture

Great upgrade from my aging Onkyo!

swclem01's picture

My old Denon 3803 needs to be retired !

Hagthebag's picture


wpd332's picture

This sure looks like a sweet unit!

ricefj's picture

Would love to own this receiver

IrwinE's picture

I'm in! Awesome-- and thanks for this opportunity.

tecsk8r2002's picture

I was going to buy a Denon but if I can win an awesome one like this one would be one of the greatest things ever to happen to me. And it would make great belated birthday present.

manivelle's picture


dmanjam's picture

This would beat the heck out of my JVC

yyaros01's picture

Miracles could happen..?

HKFan's picture

Would love to have!!

tlcleveland's picture

This win would be our permanent sound system and our current Denon would go to a needy person.

Bubbanoneck's picture

I could use a new AV receiver.

yamo3630's picture

I had a Denon amp 20 years ago and I'd like the newest model

Rewla's picture

My old Yamaha, which still works perfectly, doesn't have HDMI so it is time for an upgrade. Past time! I would love to win this awesome Denon since I could never afford this model.

JazzGuyy's picture

It would be wonderful to win a new receiver.

Chadvyse's picture

Fingers crossed.

NYY4Ever's picture

This receiver has incredible specs and would take care of my music and movies needs for the next 5 years! From Nan Cave to Fortress in 100 dbs.

h3h3umm's picture

Big Badda Booom!

mikerr's picture

Thanks for the opportunity

rj3564's picture

I would sure like to win this so I can hook up all my gadgets at once and also for some Dolby Atmos.

snorene's picture

Please be me!

timbritt's picture

Don't these look amazing!

Freddyc's picture


tomvet's picture

Just moved, and my 8-year-old Integra pre-pro is acting odd in its new environment -- turnoff transients it never produced before. And it can't handle the latest HDMI/HDCP protocols. Would love to replace it with this beautiful Denon.

Retired0299's picture

Please enter me in your sweepstakes for the Denon AVR X4300H AV Receiver.
Thank you.
R M Quan

Zbranek001's picture

Good luck to all..

stupdcat's picture

This is a nice upgrade.

Savant's picture

Sure would be nice! My receiver is getting a little long in the tooth.

thirstbuster's picture


stevethomson26's picture

Please, please, please. Fingers crossed!

BigLar50's picture

Great contest for a fantastic receiver!

steveo5200's picture

Looks like an awesome receiver!!!

rjiang's picture

The receiver is mine.

klava's picture

Have ben thinking to upgrade to "Atmos". This would be perfect!

mconzett's picture

Denton Rocks!

mconzett's picture

I meant Denon Rocks!'s picture

Now I just need 4 atmos speakers and a 4K projector to go with this. Thanks

cybergrimes's picture

for the win

Kauhoku's picture


Gary Peaslee's picture

I've always been a Yamaha AV receiver patron. If I won, it would be a golden opportunity to try something completely different. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more.

jerrybruckheimerfan's picture

I'd love to get a free receiver, lol!'s picture

I need a new receiver

esaf's picture

This would be a nice upgrade! Of course, then I'd need to upgrade to a new 4K HDR tv, buy more speakers for that 5.1.4 sound....

somli's picture

Would love to replace my old Yamaha with this beauty

pioneer1932's picture

What a pleasant surprise it would be...

rad511's picture

It's time to replace my Onkyo...

kuehnebe's picture

I need a new "modern" receiver.

elkay13's picture

Might be time to replace my current Denon 5308CI.

Minton's picture

I love Sound & Vision!

mitch57's picture

Perfect! Wish me Luck!

JediFonger's picture

long time Denon owner of 4308ci hoping for upgrade :)

love that denon's fully featured but doesnt skimp on rms power

Mark Wilkinson's picture

The prize looks fantastic!

gjoseph15's picture

I am due to upgrade..I think I'll wait

kts's picture

Send it my way have non hdmi receiver need to upgrade.

ashirin's picture

I've been looking for an Atmos receiver

Tcramer's picture

Would love to upgrade my X4000 to a X4300!

aworfner's picture

Especially when they give away bitchin' good stereo equipment. If they included Golden Ear speakers on top of the Denon, that would truly be sweet.

Puscifer's picture

This is the perfect upgrade for my older Denon

Jkmchenry's picture

Go Denon, go HEOS!

John Pavlich's picture

This system looks phenomenal and I hope to win one for myself! The specs are outstanding!

bwilberg266's picture

Let's do this! Ready to go Atmos - already got the speakers in the ceiling.

cheechee's picture

I'll gladly take that off your hands.

mrfranc's picture

The perfect update to my system!

kmsam0351's picture

Just retired after 32 1/2 years of active duty. I know the Denon AVR X4300H would make my 1980 Bob Carver Andromeda III's sound great.

gato audio's picture

May the odds be ever in my favor.

Xromag's picture

It is time to upgrade my receiver