SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers and SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers (MSRP $999.98) and SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables (winner to choose length and terminations (MSRP $47.99 - $95.98). Total MSRP of all prizes $1,048.00 – 1,096.00.

According to the company:

An incredible accomplishment that redefined the bookshelf speaker category, Sound and Vision's Mark Fleischmann remarked, “The Ultra’s performance is through the roof, I recommend not only to those planning a purchase in this price category, but even to those who were planning to pay more.”

The full range SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers combine rigorous engineering with a sonically inspired cabinet design to outperform tower and bookshelf speakers costing significantly more. Proprietary drivers produce a larger-than-expected soundstage while advanced crossovers and dramatic styling yields noticeable acoustic benefits across the frequency spectrum. Wrapped in a stunning piano gloss finish, the Ultra Bookshelf speakers embody high end in every way.

SVS SoundPath Ultra Cables deliver pristine signal transfer on par with the best cables in the world. As an added value, each cable is hand soldered and custom terminated in Ohio with the winner's choice of spades, banana plugs or both. Paired together, the Ultra Bookshelf Speakers and SoundPath Ultra Cables deliver a truly immersive listening experience.

The winner will also get to choose custom lengths and terminations for the Ultras Cables.

Click here for more info on the speakers.

Click here for more info on the cables.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed]

Tgrhwk1's picture

SVS is a great company - family has bought from them and they offer such great service before and after the sale...
Would love these in my family room...

MixinMatt's picture

These would complement my new PB 2000 Plus earthquake machine nicely. Been using M&K for 20 years. About time for an upgrade. Thanks for the offer!

RRohrbach's picture

I "heard" these were great speakers! They would be a great addition in my studio.

ZeppelinTSi's picture

It would be amazing to own a pair of these!

smthkat789's picture

This would be very nice to listen to.

DevilBro's picture

Love all things SVS. Would love to add these to my current setup.

Nanman's picture

I have always known SVS was the king of subs, I wonder how these little gems sound.

mattny's picture

SVS speakers and subs are amazing!!

Kleinwl's picture

Me me!!!

Marcht9999's picture

Wouldn't it be loverly to win such highly esteemed audio treasures!

CharmCity's picture

Always ready for quality transducers!

sgdzine's picture

Been dying to own some SVS!

Jeffb77's picture

Thank you !

K20arcrx's picture

My wife won't let me purchase them, I need this win. Since you know I can't hit the lotto.

Mackie1400i's picture

Like everyone else, I would obviously love to own a pair of such high quality speakers, and to use them beside my Yamaha ns500m's. But have been struggling financially since losing my old job almost a year ago,so I'll keep on dreaming! :)

D-Rail34's picture

Oh, how awesome these would kick off my 1st premium sound system! In the process of saving for it...I CAN'T WAIT!!

Iceplayer929's picture

Beautiful speakers, I love the shinny finish! Would love to use these on a stereo setup with a turntable. Plus Bababooey endorses so I'm in!

thisismyname123's picture

I can't believe I won!!!!

Ryanlibertymegan's picture

I want these now please thanks yes. Svs rules

slammin86's picture

I'd love to try these out and see how they compare to my emptek towers.

keepamonte's picture

series and would love to hear the "Ultras"!

Nickro's picture

Thanks for an awesome promotion! These are exactly what I've been waiting to buy.

boyfilly's picture

I've heard the primes and I was impressed with those. I would love a pair of these!

PcItalian649's picture

I've been wanting a pair of svs ultra for a while, just can't get a break to order them, each time I've got the money something goes wrong, or right (kid on the way) and the speakers get pushed back. One day!'s picture

If they sound half as good as they look, they will be awesome. I can't wait too experience them for myself.

mattr's picture

These would be an awsome upgrade bringing me up to a Dolby Atmos configuration.

Iamelrey's picture

My dream speakers! I know there's not a chance, but you never know. #believe

Norurb's picture

Would love to have these.

05wrxsti's picture

Would love to have them

chrispluck47's picture

I would love to own a pair of these speakers!Who in they're right mind wouldn't? I've owned many great speaker systems in my life EG.(E.V, Patrician 800's-Ohm Walsh 5's-Infinity RS-155's,etc.)But haven't owned a great set of bookshelf speakers.They would definateley be appreciated,and put to good use!

Morgnstern's picture

I invested in one of their subwoofers, it is incredible! These speakers would be a great compliment to my system!

sahays's picture

The brand that redefines sound.

Tom Leonad's picture

If only I could be lucky enough to win these.....

Jamiw1976's picture

Love to win these to finish my 7.1.

PJ's picture

I would love to win these!!!

anumbynuts's picture

Own a SVS subwoofer, would love to try the speakers!

Cwcole's picture

These would be great to replace my old aging current speakers.

EvanRyan's picture

I would love to try these SVS speakers... I have plans to buy their sub woofer soon.

Jeffb77's picture

When is the winner choosen?

Shawnd25's picture

I would love to have these,they would be perfect for what I'm trying to do in my downstairs. I want a bookshelf Soundstage instead of floor standing speakers that I don't have room for.

TonyMac's picture

Is there anyway to throw in the pbs 13 ultra sub too? :'}

Trinimack's picture

I really wish I could win these speakers

SntaCruz83's picture

Love their subs, would love their speakers.

Adamhc75's picture

These would match up very well to my classic SVS PC-12 Ultra. The Speaker wire is an added bonus that I am not sure many people think about. Never the less it is very nice that SVS is including it in the contest.

Mickey Adolph's picture

Highly recommend SVS, great subs and speakers! Excellent price point as well. All around a great value. Would love to win this set.

PDAudio's picture

I've been a big fan of your speakers but sadly I've never listen to them. Maybe this will be my chance!

Gabriesm6's picture

These ultra bookshelf speakers would complete my system since I have a pb-1000 already!

Donald197046's picture

These would be a nice addition to my system.

Jeffbob08's picture

Would love to see this setup in my living room, so everyone who comes up to visit could enjoy the awesomeness that is SVS !!!

Joe80's picture

Omg I would love to win these...

HomeTheaterMaster's picture

Would like to see if these live up to the hipe and the price. Finish my dolby Atmos system.

WarmasterHorus's picture

perfect timing, i need a new pair of bookshelf speakers to go in a 2nd room!

alwool's picture

Thank you for the opportunity to own some SVS gear.

ray45404's picture

I could put these to good use.

BruisedDeath's picture

I would love to add more SVS love to my home theater setup! I own two of their PB-2000s and can not be happier!

mokler's picture

I can't wait to hear these!

dwhitt009's picture

Awesome! Would love a new pair!

denslayer's picture

I wants it

Jackblues's picture

My new surrounds.'s picture

want one

Noob1974_'s picture

Would like

Nuz1's picture

Wow, what a great prize! Thanks for the contest!!

samlop10's picture

I have been planning an upgrade to my current home theater system with SVS speakers for a while. These would be a nice start for it.

Comerpoy's picture

These would definitely add to my current entertainment setup. Very nice! Good luck everyone, but I hope I win :)

ZachF88's picture

I absolutely love my two SVS SB12-NSD's! SVS is a great company and I have personally heard the Ultra speakers and they are great sounding and neutral.

redsandvb's picture

Wow Great giveaway!

grandpixel's picture

I'll take 11 please!

Elwis74's picture

I could use the pair of SVS Ultras

zeram1's picture

The SVS look beautiful.

ChefE's picture

It's nice to see good speakers. By golly- I bet they sound better than my lo-fi tin can and a wire set up I've been using since 1872.

audiofreak's picture

These SVS Bookshelf speakers would be the perfect replacement for my ancient Polk Audio Monitor 4.6 Series2.

profdbb's picture

It certainly would be nice to win.

nkrochm's picture

If I had three wishes this would be one of them.

archyoda's picture

Star Wars could only be better with a new set of bookshelf speakers. I could definitely use these!

Hayden's picture

Oh yeah!

kahouse82's picture

I have been jonesing for these ever since I heard them, I now want all speakers in my house replaced with SVS now, so long B&W it's been fun!

miked053's picture

Sound and Vision meets SVS giveaway.... count me in! these would be an awesome addition to any setup.

AVJedi's picture

I've been eyeing these for awhile, but unable to purchase. Would be perfect for my turntable system I've been wanting to get together!

ronthejazzguy's picture

My 20-year-old Mirage towers have been ever faithful. And they sound amazing...except when I turn them up! The cones and surrounds are just about shot. I'm very needy!

Straightshot7's picture

Please pick me, I'm building my first hometheater for me and my family, I want to run all svs speakers and sub, building a on wall entertaient center as we speak, winning these speakers would be a very nice money saver off for my full system.

jwp69's picture

Would love to win these to replace my old speakers and to go with a pair of PC-2000 subs I'm looking to get.

rorcocobun's picture

Keep these great contests coming.

rppb's picture

They would be nice with my SVS subwoofer

Stevend75's picture

Those cables look so sweet.

cew7779's picture

Good Luck Everyone

JeremyLanglinais's picture

I've been eyeballing these for a long time now, and they keep remaining just out of reach. I've been having the upgraditis for like a year now.