SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers and SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers (MSRP $999.98) and SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables (winner to choose length and terminations (MSRP $47.99 - $95.98). Total MSRP of all prizes $1,048.00 – 1,096.00.

According to the company:

An incredible accomplishment that redefined the bookshelf speaker category, Sound and Vision's Mark Fleischmann remarked, “The Ultra’s performance is through the roof, I recommend not only to those planning a purchase in this price category, but even to those who were planning to pay more.”

The full range SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers combine rigorous engineering with a sonically inspired cabinet design to outperform tower and bookshelf speakers costing significantly more. Proprietary drivers produce a larger-than-expected soundstage while advanced crossovers and dramatic styling yields noticeable acoustic benefits across the frequency spectrum. Wrapped in a stunning piano gloss finish, the Ultra Bookshelf speakers embody high end in every way.

SVS SoundPath Ultra Cables deliver pristine signal transfer on par with the best cables in the world. As an added value, each cable is hand soldered and custom terminated in Ohio with the winner's choice of spades, banana plugs or both. Paired together, the Ultra Bookshelf Speakers and SoundPath Ultra Cables deliver a truly immersive listening experience.

The winner will also get to choose custom lengths and terminations for the Ultras Cables.

Click here for more info on the speakers.

Click here for more info on the cables.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed]

omega_jeff's picture

My current speakers are trashed...I need these so bad!!!

Hotbeef84's picture

I've been craving an upgrade and SVS Ultras have been at the top of my list, this would be a great start to my new system!!

aopu.mohsin's picture

And I'm hopeful that they will sound very good as well.

HossHuffner's picture

Yes I'm joking. I would love to add these to my cable collection, oh and the speakers look nice too.

ashirin's picture

It would be a nice upgrade to my system. The cables, I mean. I guess the speakers are cool too.

Jiangyong888888's picture

L love those speaker

dougspeterson's picture

My system sports two of the 13" SVS subs that are an amazing bargain considering the subterranean performance. Now my life and system will be complete!

joeydonq's picture

Would love to finish a system

termy's picture

Was looking at SVS a lot lately and even contacted them
with some questions. These would be nice!

denvez's picture

just set up my h/t with a new AVR my old def techs could use a boost

vinnn's picture

That's some serious specs on those speakers, love the piano black finish.

johnwolf999's picture

Seal of approval by Mark Fleischmann says it all!

afloydfreak's picture

SVS Ultras wow yes please!

outsidepanic's picture

Could really use these for my new setup.

bramankp's picture

This would go well with my PB-13 Utra from SVS.

d-oski's picture

these look great!

true audio's picture

Sorry everyone, I won this time !

dylang's picture

to win these!

bears_t2's picture

Love to have those

Metallica's picture

coool love SVS

scardella's picture

This would be a nice upgrade to my bookshelf speakers.

Scott_NKY's picture

I have had my eye on these for a long time. They would sound awesome in my theater.

hnickm's picture

The 45 day trial period is good. Of course, if I win them...

cgorab's picture

Would LOVE these!

Foofur42's picture

I want them

AaronSB's picture

This would be awesome to win and would be exactly what I need to go with my 2 channel listening set up!

vinnybob48's picture

would love to win these

jporter's picture

these would be great for my little studio...Thanks

WillU's picture

These would be a perfect addition to my setup!

Studickson99's picture

SVS is the standard by which affordable audiophile level equipment is measured. Cowabunga!

bigberts's picture

These would seriously upgrade my system!

mhdaniels31's picture

love the new ultra speakers

sixsigmaguy's picture

I never win anything but I would love these speakers.

gscamp7's picture

Wow, thanks so much for these new Speakers. Exactly what I needed. You guys are the Best!!!

Audi O.'s picture

both the speaker and cable.

MissionMan's picture

I'd love to replace my current, entry-level speakers with these babies!

puddy77's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

charliex's picture

I want it!

seg1971's picture

Thanks for the chance to win!

jjster6's picture

I'd like these please.

crappyguy's picture

These Ultra bookshelf loudspeakers would make the perfect stereo system paired with my turntable!

sheldon spradling's picture

Hope to upgrade my whole system with SVS speakers....this would be a great start!! Keep up the great content Sound and vision!!!

Narco's picture

Really could use these speakers!

Gf0rc3's picture

I would absolutely love these!

Phono's picture

goodluck everyone!

parker831's picture

Would love a pair of these!

Todd Berliner's picture

SVS Rocks!

mconnerus's picture

I need these to replace my Def Tech Studio 350's. Nice!!'s picture

Heard these at CES 2015. Nice sounding speakers. Fingers crossed.

VbalPhil's picture

These would make a great belated bday gift!!

utopianemo's picture

SVS is making some amazing things these days.

rmesick's picture

Just upgraded to the Marantz SR5010 receiver and these speakers would be a perfect match.

alexanderc's picture

I would really love these!

golfluvr13's picture

These would go great with my SVS Center channel and save me from having to buy new speakers to replace my old worn out ones.

pquade's picture

these would look awesome with my SVS sub.

Crazzieivann's picture

These speakers would be a significant upgrade over my insignia. I want!

kinnizle's picture

I came across these speakers on a YouTube review from Zreviews he raved at how these were the best speakers he's heard. I would be honored to win these and also do a fantastic review on youtube for SVS I hope I win and I've created an acct as required

hbomb7's picture

Would like to replace my old bookshelf speakers with these and the cables are an excellent compliment.

kinnizle's picture

Alsosaw Genes review on Audioholics of this speaker and I became a believer that SVS really put sound engineering to heart on these amazing speakers please pick me :) I'm the little guy who is the blue collar worker who never wins anything. My passion is audio and I'd be honored to own these!

kinnizle's picture

Even if I don't win these I want everyone to now that I spend countless hours watching reviews on YT of speakers and I keep gravitating to these because everything I've heard is absolutely amazing. I'd say get them because they are truly something special wish I could get my hands on them for myself.

marc sortino's picture

If these speakers sound as good as they look I would love to have them!! SVS seems to put the same detail into these bookshelf speakers as their high end subwoofers.

kinnizle's picture

Folks these would be my babies if I were honored to win them. Some ppl have their cars some have whatever they cherish. These speakers would be like my Ferrari. I would show everyone that comes to my home how amazing these speakers are so when they leave my house they will be calling SVS to get there own, please choose me SVS many out there could do well with them but I would hold these in a special place in my heart and that's what would set me apart

kinnizle's picture

Look at the beautiful fit and finish the high quality the high quality binding posts. Everything about these speakers scream refinement and finesse. I saw a YouTube video of a guy open them up and show the amount of engineering that was put into the inside of these speakers and all I can say is WOW. I feel like I was destined to win these because over the last month I've just been gravitated to youtube videos and articles of these amazing speakers.

kinnizle's picture

Folks these are the creme of the crop this is the speaker that SVS put their blood sweat and tears into they really put the time and money into developing these if you don't win then just go out there and buy the. They are so good that SVS stands behind them and will give you your money back if they just dont make your jaw drop.

kinnizle's picture

Everyone who comes to this great website should be showing support to SVS for doing this great sweepstakes and for having such an amazing product. I know it lowers my chances but if anything it raises awareness on how good this company is!

drewdlz's picture

to win!

Jshinaz's picture

I have just the spot for these.

IIIHobbs's picture

Big fan of the SVS Ultra Speakers; would love to add these to my current set up.

Arnaud32's picture

And awesome cables!
They would be a great fit for my new study room!

todordd's picture

I would love to win this bundle for a dedicated 2.1 set up.

jalan's picture

Why do you come have a seat on my nice comfy stands!

gillsans's picture

They look great!

CLM71's picture

This would be a great way to complete the system being built for the home office.

rusty1285's picture

Please, I could really use some new speakers.

Zac10sim's picture

Yes please.

smelonakos's picture

That I'll win one of these sweepstakes? These SVS's would be sweet!

Tom_'s picture

These would go great in my game room!

N Evans87's picture

This would be a great start to upgrading my speakers!

reallynotnick's picture

Maybe I could finally get rid of my Aiwa system!

jmilton7043's picture

SVS makes a fine, quality product. Hope to make these mine!

bklynbound01's picture

Thank you for these great contests

frankiefigs66's picture

Live in a condo these would be perfect!!!!

biga6761's picture

These would pair perfectly with my Music Hall 25.2 Integrated. Yes please!!!

Vancelxix's picture

These would be a great upgrade!

hannaebba's picture

Would love to get a pair for my man cave.... add a SVS sub and then stay up all night listening to my jazz collection

K-hud's picture

As a previous SVS customer - I can already hear the quality.

snorene's picture

Greed or Need ... GREED - I want these.

cascade3488's picture

Would love to hear these from the comfort of my home!

munkee55's picture

My next purchase is going to be the SVS SB-2000. These speakers would be an execellent addition as well.

ThomasFox71's picture

Just what I need to start going from zero to hero. Audio-holically speaking, that is. :)-