SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers and SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers (MSRP $999.98) and SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables (winner to choose length and terminations (MSRP $47.99 - $95.98). Total MSRP of all prizes $1,048.00 – 1,096.00.

According to the company:

An incredible accomplishment that redefined the bookshelf speaker category, Sound and Vision's Mark Fleischmann remarked, “The Ultra’s performance is through the roof, I recommend not only to those planning a purchase in this price category, but even to those who were planning to pay more.”

The full range SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers combine rigorous engineering with a sonically inspired cabinet design to outperform tower and bookshelf speakers costing significantly more. Proprietary drivers produce a larger-than-expected soundstage while advanced crossovers and dramatic styling yields noticeable acoustic benefits across the frequency spectrum. Wrapped in a stunning piano gloss finish, the Ultra Bookshelf speakers embody high end in every way.

SVS SoundPath Ultra Cables deliver pristine signal transfer on par with the best cables in the world. As an added value, each cable is hand soldered and custom terminated in Ohio with the winner's choice of spades, banana plugs or both. Paired together, the Ultra Bookshelf Speakers and SoundPath Ultra Cables deliver a truly immersive listening experience.

The winner will also get to choose custom lengths and terminations for the Ultras Cables.

Click here for more info on the speakers.

Click here for more info on the cables.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed]

xgrifter's picture

would love to win these sleek looking speakers

Micelli's picture

Wife can't say no to free. Yes Please

jcarys's picture

I'd be happy to review a free sample, send them my way.

Savant's picture

Just moved to a tiny apt. Tower speakers need to go. Here's hoping!

Indyshrew's picture

I would love to match the SVS speakers with my gear from the eighties: A Thorens turntable, a NYAL Moscode Minuet and an Acoustat twin 120.

jutwagner's picture

Yes Please!

weshinshaw's picture

LOYAL SVS CUSTOMER!! PC13 ultra making tha bass drop in my pad. Thanks SVS!!

uavjokerswild81's picture

Would be a great upgrade for me!

bobbyfunk's picture


HDAD's picture

Exactly what I need - please!

Knight Sounds's picture

These puppies need a FLAC file "Sweet Butter Soul"

RichAbe's picture

of my Home Theatre

kimerman's picture

Nice speakers

deebo1982's picture

Love SVS Speakers, would go great with my PB2000!

wts11233's picture


habittel's picture

I've been saving up for a full 7.2 set from SVS. The Ultra's are at the top of my list.

dvdwilly's picture

These would be sweet!

mikerr's picture

I ba sure ba do ba

sound guy's picture

Who am I kidding? These would be amazing!

riverboa's picture

SVS ftw!

Bschliesman's picture

I have been looking to upgrade and these have been on my short list.

JacobJDW's picture

Best cables ever.

bsher's picture

I would give these to my oldest son.

Aftyn2003's picture

Would be nice to have.

erossy's picture

So Sweet

aidoroboo's picture

Put these right next to that new turntable I was eyeballing....

abllee2198's picture

Winning would help replace 20 year old Magneplanars in my 7.2 AV setup.

Jonasandezekiel's picture

I never win anything. But I keep trying.

300exoh's picture

PLEASE replace my antiquated bose series 2's

Bacot111984's picture

I have been looking for a good bookeshelf setup for my office, and these would do the trick very nicely!

factorz's picture

I'm ok if you pick me.

matthews99109's picture

These speakers are beautiful.

raven's picture

Would make my SVS sub very happy to have company..Thanks!

James.Seeds's picture

Wanted: A pair of SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers

ChrisGully's picture

I just upgraded my AVR, and now sure could use a pair of speakers to hook up to it instead of leaving the "old" beast in the basement.

Grindex44's picture

These would be an incredible upgrade for my system!

Thinker's picture

I like speakers.

mwinely's picture

These would be a great addition to my surround system to replace my in-walls. Would very much appreciate winning these.

Trapkicks88's picture

This would be a great addition/upgrade to my current setup and I would have plenty of time to use them as I am a teacher and summer is almost here!

Aleone2102's picture

I would love to have theses speakers and vables

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

SubDrew's picture

These would make a wonderful addition to my growing home theater!

No Look's picture

Loud is beautiful, if it's clean..

jfschum's picture

Great looking speakers.

Twiceborn's picture

I love SVS speakers and want to buy the PB13-Ultra.

pirroplato's picture

Great speakers, I'd love to have a pair!

Puffer Belly's picture

It's fun to audition new speakers.

noirx7's picture

Lovely set of speakers!

jabjc's picture

Would love to receive these and post a review.

Fargo14's picture

The SVS Ultra are the end goal for my AV system.

badboy07's picture

I need more speakers!

Ethyl's Fred's picture


HJW808's picture

Pretty sweet package...would love to win these!

hassler's picture

I love the brands subs and have heard great things about their speaker line! Would love to add these to my system.

zeldaII's picture

I would love to win this.

jjlong's picture

Have real old speaker...

Mike McCreless's picture

Would love to replace my old cambridge soundworks bookshelf speakers with these!!

rajdawar's picture

Hope I win a pair!

alamez's picture

considering these for an atmos setup. cant wait for those elevation speakers for atmos.

andrewarthur9's picture

always thinking of SVS for their popular Sub bu I never heard or test drive or listen to as i am not sure where to go listen and they are also not cheap , now with this sweepstake, my luck may come true

JWalker's picture

I was already looking, at there big brother the Ultras.for home theater set up you cannot beat the quality of these speakers. better then some speaker twice or more for the money.

lensshift's picture

Bought the SVS PB1000 last year and still get thrills when I play a blu ray with a great low end effects. Best purchase I made for the HT. Those Ultra bookshelf speakers must be incredible, fingers crossed.

msardo's picture

to give this pair of speakers a nice home.

roderick40's picture

svs makes great speakers.these would go nicely with my sb 12.

castlespreagle's picture

to go with my epic SVS sub

candyman49's picture

Would love to own a set of these. Have heard them and know just how good they really are!



mikepbrowning's picture

I could always need new speakers

wineandwires's picture

I'd love to try them.

61dart's picture

Can't wait to hear them

TexAus's picture

These would be perfect to go with my SVS subs.
SVS subs have replaced my Velodyne subs. Now I need something to replace my aging B&W bookshelf speakers.

GoodAudio.Rocks's picture

I've even got the perfect THX-PM3 certified subwoofer to pair them with. Convince this tower-loving fan that I really can find a sub/sat combo that hits just as viscerally as any tower.

trinidesignz's picture

Thanks for the opportunity! I could really use those instead of the 10 year old computer monitors I'm working with.

Rozako's picture

These Ultras would be great paired with my new (hand-me-down) Denon AV receiver and I so want them to replace the 30 year old RSL Outsiders that really don't belong in our living room.

brianh's picture

I've heard nothing but good things about the SVS brand of speakers. I would be very proud to be the owner of a pair.

jvoJR's picture

Perfect timing, really need a set of bookshelf speakers! :)

Ht_pro's picture

I was just telling a co-worker about Svs today!

salph's picture

Might not match the rest of my SVS Prime set, but I think i'll live.

Garywade78's picture

I would love this package. It would go great with my SVS sub and the prime speakers I already have.

bobm808's picture

These would go great with my SVS sub!!

Chozen1one785's picture

The giveaway is a great idea. Svs is amazing with their stuff.

911jason's picture

I truly need these speakers. I have 9 kids and my Onkyo HTiB can't compete with the noise! =)

khurramtm's picture

I want to build my home theatre and these will help making it a reality.

Mister Leadfoot's picture

If I win, I swear I'll come back and buy the rest of a 5.1 package.

mcdontho's picture


burns01's picture

I would love to have these!!!!!

BuzzMan's picture

Some of the best speakers on the market. Recommended them to a friend and I fell in love with them ...these would be perfect for my lake house ... just perfect!

Alexbrs1219's picture

Those are some good looking speakers

SoundinVasion's picture

Got a small but delightful taste of home theater with my pioneer speakers. Ready for the next level..

Bisbee68's picture

I must have these speakers!

Tgrhwk1's picture

SVS is a great company - family has bought from them and they offer such great service before and after the sale...
Would love these in my family room...