Updated: OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Sweepstakes

[Note: We've upgraded the prize for this sweepstakes - everyone who has already left a comment is automatically entered for the new prize - do not re-enter.]

Register to win an OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (MSRP $1199.00) we are giving away.

According to Oppo:

The OPPO BDP-105 is designed from the ground up with components optimized for enhanced analog audio performance. The OPPO BDP-105 features an all-new analog audio stage powered by two ESS Sabre32 Reference Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC), balanced (XLR) & unbalanced (RCA) dedicated stereo outputs, a Toroidal linear power supply, and asynchronous USB DAC input. These high-grade components are housed in a rigidly constructed metal chassis and work together to deliver exceptionally detailed and accurate sound quality along with reference quality video.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

LocoMan8's picture

...at first sight and sound.

cscamp20's picture

yes, one please! i would be stuck to my tv if i ever win this player.

MatthewWeflen's picture

Haven't had an Oppo since my old region free PAL-converting DVD player.

NoHoR56's picture

Love my Oppo BDP-83... But this would be an awesome upgrade!

hi.lalo's picture


fufanuer's picture

So I'll be happy to win a 95... Or for all those in the forum saying they need a 95 because their 93 is sooo old and worn out and they need the latest and greatest. I'd be happy to take the 93 off your hands.

HardBoiled's picture

top of the line

Dsiex's picture

Count me in!

Furnguy52's picture

My LG is one step closer to the curb

greck's picture

This would be such an awesome thing to win.

DolopT's picture

I'll take one to go, please. :)

Pacman9270's picture

Even more incentive to continue to visit. This is just the cherry on top.

Di Foglio's picture

This sounds like a perfect opportunity to upgrade my current tv to a model with 3d specs :-)

lorenzeami's picture

Yes, I would like to become a home theater blu-ray audiophile!

Eagleshadow's picture

I am not OPPOposed to winning this unit.

Eagleshadow's picture

I am not OPPOposed to winning this unit.

gobingiri's picture

Its not abt who needs it its abt what it needs

sonicsmoke's picture

Bought the BDP-103 a couple of months ago and I love it! But I would love to have the 95's Sabre DACs and XLR outputs to hook up to powered studio monitors. I hope I win this awesome sweepstakes! Thanks Oppo and Home Theater!

kichaonline's picture

Fan of Oppo, registered :-)

russellmoney's picture

They don't know how to make a bad product. Love EM!!!

gadgetguy30's picture

I want this bad boy in my home theater system!

jevansoh's picture

I would be truly honored to both win and own such a fine piece of gear.

wsegal's picture

Because it would be the right thing to do.

kevon27's picture

I'll will name my first born child Oppo and my second, Oppo the II

strongstein's picture

have an Oppo DV-981HD and need to replace - Oppo is the best

Lisafon41's picture

This would be a great upgrade from what I have now.

rstedman's picture

Very nice.

PaulMaier's picture

I have already wanted an Oppo. Now is my chance. Thanks so much.

deric's picture

Audiophile grade equipment like this OPPO would surely be nice to experience in my home.

wvinikour's picture

If I win, I'll subscribe to the magazine!

deric's picture

Having a piece of audiophile gear like this OPPO would be most welcomed.

Old Ben's picture

The Oppo would be an outstanding prize!

Cameron's picture

Yes Please

kgh015's picture

Worth a shot!

Robzone666's picture

This is something I really need to have !!!

aar624's picture

Talk about an EPIC sweepstake. I had to register to your website for this chance. Going to get my friends to join too. Daddy needs a Blu-Ray player!!!

dd3kv2's picture

That is a beautiful and sleek piece of machinery. Thank you for even putting this in a giveaway.

CTU Director's picture

I'm interested in adopting an Oppo. My wife and I would make excellent parents. We both have a deep appreciation for excellent audio and video quality.

Speakerboy30's picture

This would be a huge upgrade! Please send me one!

HipToday's picture

Who would OPPOse getting a free Blu-ray player? And a tOPPO the line one at that!

sasquatch1313's picture

I would be quite happy to win this player. Thanks for the sweepstakes!

DCDYE's picture

I'd even take the REFURB directly from Oppo for $799.00

Mister Leadfoot's picture


jaivelu's picture

I have been dreaming about owning an Oppo Player, since I first came to know about Oppo. If I get this it will be a dream come true.... Thanks Home Theater.com for this wonderful gesture....

Milesj's picture

Love to win one, to make my Panny plasma shine.

trustjp1's picture

Would Love to Add this!

Kirtibus's picture

I wonder how the OPPO compares to a PS3 far blue ray. I have never watched a blue ray on supposed quality of this OPPO. Bring on the movie's

Avcon's picture

OPPOrtunity. Good odds.

kk1020man's picture

This is a great and wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great player.

HDSapper's picture

Been hoping to finally win something. This would be a good one. I have the BDP-103 in my theater, but this would really take my 2-channel rig to a new level! Please pick me!

mvigo@schicktech.com's picture

It would be a dream come true to win this baby!

pimpbot515's picture

Yes please

butlerlax8's picture

Yes, I WANT!

maxiumnmike's picture

would be great to have this blu ray player

northernglory's picture

I can winz?

DJPHT's picture

Movie night would never be the same !
Clint Eastwood notwithstanding...

scapindino's picture

I just upgraded my AV receiver... Now I need a blu ray player (I'm still using a DVD player and need Oppo/Hometheater.com help to complete the upgrade for my home theater

David Leap's picture

My hat is in the ring.....

Maaly's picture

I want this .... please.

U41211's picture

Man that player would fit nicely in the av rack I just built this past week!!!!!!! Can't wait to hook it up to my system.

dbozak's picture

I just want to see if it's better than my PS3, and decide which gets to be in my theater room vs living room! :)

npsquire1's picture

Winning this would be epic beyond epic...

mastemaybe's picture


jamzology's picture

im so buying one of these babies even if i dont win this oppo looks incredable!

njdevil254's picture

My new basement theater needs an Oppo!

Jeff Pinkowski's picture

I would love to add this awesome player to my system. Thanks for the chance!

rooster19's picture

C'mon baby oppo me!

Ovation123's picture

Please? Thank you.

blmartin1984's picture

I would like to experience what quality audio can sound like.

denisc1949's picture

Thanks for offering this great player. Hope to be the winner.

d6a4s5's picture

I'd gladly take one off your hands!

Sicride's picture

I would absolutely love to experience quality sound and picture.

xtrepador's picture

i may not win but thanks for letting me dream i would never afford a player like this, who ever wins it enjoy it

nivek_11's picture

Just what I need to complete my HT!

cheechee's picture

Why sure, I'll take one please.

deonrenae's picture

Way cool prize dude

funboy's picture

looks like the best player available

mcraeh's picture

I would love to add an Oppo to my rig, please!!!!!!!

madbrayniak's picture

I would love to have a bluray player that is of such good quality that doesnt sound like a jet turbine like my ps3!

tbh1984's picture

Pretty Please!!

Porsche996's picture

My trusty old PS3 finally bit the dust,RIP old friend. So a new oppo would help me over my grief. sob sob.

wktenbrook's picture

I feel lucky!

isuguy24's picture

I too have always dreamed of owning an Oppo. The only thing in the way is my wallet and my wife....

mikakaar's picture

I think this was meant for me. Definitely need my first Blu-ray player.

rohgolfj2's picture

Oh please, oh what a relief it would be if i could have someone (Home Theater Mag, hint ,hint)to supply me with one for my system.

suterp34's picture


Packraticus's picture

You complete me. I'll give you a nice home.

davidv1662's picture

When my feet hurt I soak them in hot melted cheese then serve it to my friends with crackers.

dougK's picture

It would be great to win one.

manbearpig's picture

awesome gesture guys