X-Men: The Last Stand Page 3

0607_stewart_railAnd now a few words from Patrick Stewart's X-Men colleagues:

Brett Ratner (director) on his attraction to the X-Men: I was a really big fan of X-Men - not so much of the comic, but of the cartoon. I grew up watching the series on TV, and I have them all on DVD now. I love them. They're very similar to the comic, but they have yellow suits.

Hugh Jackman on getting into the character of Wolverine: I trained every morning when I was doing the role, and I'd turn up Godsmack or Metallica to the highest and scream and yell and swear like there's no tomorrow, and lift weights as if I were at that breaking point where Wolverine is. I always feel that at any moment he could snap and just go berserk, as they say in the comic, and that's where I tried to get to.

Halle Berry on wire work: Having worked on Catwoman, I was used to doing wire work. This time, though, I had to do a lot of spinning, which I had never done, and I got a little sick. I got a lot sick. Spray-the-crew-with-vomit sick. It's not about whether you eat or not. Even if you go without food and drink for a week, fluid will come from somewhere in your body. You spin very fast.

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