Video Exclusive: Levin Torn White

Good news, friends — we have another exclusive video treat for the S+V faithful. After viewing Steven Wilson’s incredible “Track One” video about a jillion times (give or take), producer Scott Schorr emailed me from his home perch in New Zealand and asked if we’d be interested in debuting an inside look at the initial offering from Levin Torn White, an amazing progressive trio featuring bassist/Stickmeister Tony Levin, guitar wizard David Torn, and drumming legend Alan White.

Faster than a speeding nanosecond, I said "hell yeah," so here we are.

It practically goes without saying that fans of the innovative, challenging work of King Crimson, Door X, and Yes will dig what they do instantaneously. The album (titled Levin Torn White), due out September 13, has been in the works for over a year, and was recorded in Seattle, Woodstock, and New Plymouth, New Zealand.  LTW was produced by Schorr and Levin for Lazy Bones Recordings.

Without further ado... Heeeere’s Levin Torn White.