Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers (MSRP $499.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Vanatoo Transparent One powered speakers set a new price/performance benchmark in the audiophile world. They produce unexpectedly great sound quality (honest, tight bass down to 48Hz!) from small bookshelf speakers that give you a lot of flexibility in how you use them. They are equally at home as a desktop audio system, a music streaming solution for a room where you want music but not stacks of equipment, or as a compact system you take with you on your weekend getaways.

Just the Facts: 48-20,000Hz +/- 3dB response at 90dB+ over listening window; 5 ¼ inch aluminum cone XBL woofer; 1 inch silk dome tweeter; 5 ¼ inch long-throw passive radiator; 60 watt/channel D2Audio amplifier with integrated DSP; Built in DAC with USB, coax, and optical inputs; Analog input; Volume, bass, and treble controls; Subwoofer output with auto-sensing (removes bass from Transparent One); 3 year warranty; Supported by the people who designed it and know it best!

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

jjauregui02's picture

These bookshelf speakers would be perfect for my new living room. They look awesome too.

willdao's picture

These would be nice...

martian's picture

For a new set of speakers

Stash777's picture

Heard these at the CAFest. Great sound from a very small package.

Mister Leadfoot's picture

I could use some new speakers!

mikerr's picture

Those would be perfect in my office !
Please and Thank You ~

modesto66's picture

What a sweet Christmas gift for my wife.

ccfunkster's picture

look real good

jaym's picture

Would love to have a pair of these for my office desk... and another pair for my home office desk. :)

Theputnam's picture

I know what to do with these.

micknkeef's picture

Here I come!

mwelters's picture

Very cool contest. I think if i won I'd be pouring myself a glass of red wine like in the picture and sitting back and enjoying very much.

nektar2112's picture

These would go perfect in our living room and my daughter would love to hear Christmas Music on them this December! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

jrniemand's picture

These would be pretty nice for my computer

aforms's picture

I could deal with a happy.
Thank you, thank you very much...

HardBoiled's picture

cool speakers!

mars_engineer's picture

I don't use any analog music or video sources. Because all my source material is digital, for me the Holy Grail would be a sound system with no analog interconnects anywhere. These speakers and similar speakers like the KEF X300A model are a good step in that direction.

msteve2's picture

these would be perfect

jca332001's picture

Well, it looks like I can scratch an item (well a pair of them) from my Christmas wish list! Now I oly need to find the proper spece where to place them in my bedroom.


gtwdesigns's picture

Look at all the input options and bass/treble control... unexpected for a desktop speaker!

MountainMike's picture

Posting to enter!

Mono's picture

I'm in for the win :D

mrhall66's picture

They look really neat -- a lot better than spam and most profanity.

ndurantz's picture

What can't these things do? The amount of features they crammed into these speakers is amazing.

John K's picture

I was very impressed by the amount of bass that these speakers put out, when I heard them demoed.

billykeener's picture

Would love to win these and use some sound and vision subwoofer reviews to pick a good sub

Cenarl's picture

I haven't seen anything like these speakers before, they would be great for a lot of things but I would definitely use them on my PC.

Bschliesman's picture

Can't wait to hear them!

Strauss's picture

Specification and look are fantastic. Excellent connectivity and compatibility. Reviews presented on the manufacturer's website convinced me that the audio performance is also very good.

jeff balmforth's picture

Would love to try these speakers for Christmas!!!

rmesick's picture

Just bought a new house and these would be perfect in my living room.

Ronpittc's picture


Redogfizbal's picture

This would be a great start to my two channel system!

Dbriv's picture

Nice speakers

slumkid's picture

I really need some new computer speakers, these look perfect

Shevlin's picture

A set of these would be nice.

ramblr's picture

Any comment will do!

Old Ben's picture

My family could use these.

prerich45's picture

Very nice indeed, I'd love to own a pair!!!!

d-oski's picture

These would be perfect for my den!

gscamp7's picture

Boy, I really really need these!

SixOneTwo's picture

Those would sound great in my office!

mchild76's picture

I would love to have a pair of these! Crossing my fingers.

JohnSaxon's picture

I want these bad boys!

jmilton7043's picture

What a delight!

Iamhoosier1's picture

Pretty please with sugar on top.

triforce7's picture

I would love these for my entertainment room or even for my new PC setup.

dandycat's picture

Thanks in advance.

Quest195's picture

You like money too? You're blowing my mind!

Merck's picture

I could use some speakers.

realthing61's picture

Hey, I will even pay the shipping!

audioaddict234's picture

Would go very nice with my PC thanks.

Ethyl's Fred's picture

Sign me up.

Oppo please's picture

Would love to have these.

maxell's picture

excellent for my desktop

maxell's picture

excellent for my ears

hbomb7's picture

One word - versatility!!!

Boston2016's picture

Would be great for my small listening area

theo's picture

I'd love a pair of these!

jalan's picture

I would love these! They are like mini-pro PA speakers with all the connections and knobs.

also I prefer passive radiators over ports

bkeeler10's picture

I would love to win a pair. Thanks!

isuguy24's picture

Would love to own these

No Look's picture

Brilliant !! Fingers crossed...

BradleyP's picture

I've never won a drawing. It's about time I do!

von Krag's picture

These would be great as kitchen speakers.

lanlilan's picture

I would like a set of these magnificent speakers.

timpani's picture

These look nice.

PurestAV's picture

Great name, can't wait to hear them! In my system of course...

Cos's picture

Enough said, they would be a perfect fit :)

veggieboy2001's picture

I'm a fan of Vanatoo...I had a great listen at the New York Audio Show!

danielthediesel's picture

Have a pair of Audio Engine A2's, would love to hear what these sound like!

guitarist9273's picture

I'll use them daily...

mikem's picture

I have just the right place for these.

mikem's picture

I have just the right spot for these.

estunesnsuch's picture

These speakers look awesome and the specs look great too. I can't wait to win these :) and try them out with high resolution audio in my office and on my deck! Thanks Vanatoo for making a great product in this category, and thanks S&V for the sweepstakes!

utopianemo's picture

I've yet to win one of these contests, but it's bound to happen one day!

koapoorpeople's picture

I dig these, I would love to give them a try!

JazzGuyy's picture

I'd love to compare these with my desktop Audioengine speakers.

Hillcountryliving's picture

yes please could use some bookshelf speakers

James K's picture

There is nothing else I would prefer to receive for X-Mass !

Brownsugarny's picture

I love the vanatoo speakers, can't wait to own a pair.

kevbass's picture

Nice features

liuj88's picture

Yesyesyes one pair for me please!

eaverse's picture

Would love to put these beauties to good use!:-)

felipejlsantos's picture

This will be nice in my shelf

Oz54's picture

Just in time. Been looking for something like this.

cwakeman's picture

These would work great with my Mac book air!

mr_dent's picture

Would look better in person :-D

ivane21's picture

Very nice. Built in DAC? Why nobody else thought about this I don't know. Send me a pair please!

Sc8ter's picture

Cool speakers !