URC MX-900, TX-1000, & MX-3000 Universal Remotes Page 4

Being able to import graphic and sound files to accompany any page or button is what makes the MX-3000 so customizable and fun. The 3.5-inch, 320 x 240-resolution color screen produces terrific images and let my inner geek run wild. I finally settled on a Star Wars theme. Each page I created had different graphics from the films, and touching parts of the screen played various WAV files. For instance, I transformed a light-saber JPEG into the 0-9 buttons for my CD player, which produced the sound of a saber powering on and off whenever they were pressed.

Another killer way to use the remote's graphics and memory is to download cover art for your DVDs and CDs. Touching a cover can then initiate a macro to turn your changer to that disc and start playing it.

Beyond just looking good, the MX-3000 incorporates some powerful programming logic that the other remotes don't. These come in the form of if/else commands: For instance, if your system is in DVD mode, do one thing, else do something different. These commands are very potent in the hands of a skilled programmer.

BOTTOM LINE All of these remotes would make great additions to your system. For the overall "Wow!" factor, you can't touch the Universal Remote Control MX-3000. For daily use, I preferred the MX-900 to the TX-1000 - I tend to keep the remote in hand while channel-surfing, so it worked better for me. All in all, though, I'd be pleased to own any of them.

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