Test Report: Toshiba BDX2700 Blu-ray Player Page 3


To check out the Toshiba, I connected its HDMI output directly to my HDTV and made a hardwired network connection with an Ethernet cable to my router. Upon powering up, the player immediately found and automatically confi gured the network connection. I also tried out the Toshiba’s built-in Wi-Fi capability, which was as simple as going to the Network section of the setup menu, selecting the wireless option, fi nding my wireless network on a list, and entering my security passcode.

A Quick Setup menu walked me through setting the display language, aspect ratio, and resolution. The Display submenu allows some additional adjustments, including turning off the Film Mode, which would change the player’s 1080p video output from 24 to 60 frames per second. I left it in the default 24p Film mode. Some other video adjustments are available from the remote during playback by pressing the PIC button, including one for sharpness and one for an enhanced color mode. The first added unnecessary edge enhancement, and the last did nothing obvious for any material I tried it with. I left both in their default positions.