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The TAD room was definitely one of the three busiest rooms that I've seen so far during HE2007. Inside the room, TAD's director of engineering, Andrew Jones, energetically explained the inner workings of the brand new TAD R-1 speakers with concentric beryllium dome tweeters and midranges. Make sure your Visa card has around a $26,000 limit, though, before you start moving the furniture around in your room to make space for a pair.

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Make that a $60,000 limit, if you plan to buy a pair! Other equipment in use included DAC and amps from MSB, Weiss transport for Redbook and an MSB modified Denon player for Hi-Rez, cabling from PranaWire, including Cosmos and Nataraja Speaker Cables (bi-wired), Cosmos Interconnects, Satori and MahaSamadhi Power Cables. Also in use was a modified Technics RS-1700 and second generation master tapes from The Tape Project. The system was assembled by Tim Marutani of Marutani Consulting, Emeryville, CA.

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