System Audio SA1750 Speaker System Ratings


System Audio SA1750 Speaker System

Build Quality: 91
Flawless, perfectly grain-matched veneer finishes
Silver-finished baffle and plinth
Vifa/Scanspeak drivers

Value: 90
Few systems deliver such midrange magic in a package this size
Pricey at six-plus thousand, but you'll have to pay more elsewhere for similar performance

Features: 90
Easy to set up
Easy to position for optimal staging
The SA1750s are biwireable

Performance: 94
Revealing, transparent highs that don't bite the ears
Rich, involving midrange
Tight, powerful bass

Ergonomics: 85
The towers are a bit top heavy unless you fill the base with sand
Limited access to binding posts

Overall Rating: 91
This well-thought-out system will fit into many modern homes, integrates with contemporary electronic-equipment finishes, and allows for an effortless suspension of disbelief. Match it with well-designed components, and you may never leave home.

System Audio
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