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SXSW 2007 Panel: Why Does Today's Music Sound Like Shit?ON HIGH RESOLUTION AND SURROUND SOUND

Ludwig: Of all the projects I've done, I've never gotten more compliments in my life than on my remasters of the Rolling Stones' ABKCO catalog for stereo SACD [read review]. People come up to me and say, "You know, I'm listening to music again for the first time in years." And that's really nice to hear.

But since Sony stopped supporting SACD, my workload on that format has gone to zero. The same is pretty much true for DVD-Audio. Telarc still puts out hybrid SACDs. The format certainly isn't dead in Europe, where almost all of the indie classical labels put out records on hybrid discs. And the thing that's exciting is that, if you listen to BBC Radio 3, which is their classical station, they'll play something and the announcer will rave about it and actually say over the air, "And if you think that was good in stereo, you should hear it on multichannel SACD in surround!"

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