Sharp Quattron 3D LCD TVs

Sharp has finally introduced a 3D LCD TV in its Quattron line, which adds a yellow color filter to the conventional red, green, and blue filters. The LE925 will be available in two sizes—52 and 60 inches—for $4200 and $5300, respectively. Several technologies, including the separate yellow color, are said to almost double the brightness of 3D content compared with 3-color LCDs. The demo did look relatively bright, but Sharp's use of Despicable Me as demo material was unfortunate, since the 3D in that particular movie is very unimpressive. A different disc of custom content looked much better.

Each TV comes with two pairs of active glasses that provide a unique feature—the ability to convert 3D images to 2D. Why? So those who experience eye strain can watch in 2D while others watch in 3D. Extra pairs are $200 each.