Scott Wilkinson Hosts The Tech Guy Radio Show

Last weekend, I had the honor and privilege—not to mention the great pleasure—of guest hosting Leo Laporte's nationally syndicated radio show, The Tech Guy, while Leo was attending a conference called Le Web in Paris, France, and hobnobbing with the likes of French president Nicolas Sarkozy. I answered call-in questions about home theater for three hours on Saturday and again on Sunday for a listening audience of around a million! I also had a couple of very interesting guests on the show, including Oscar- and Emmy-winning composer Michael Giacchino, whose credits include Lost, Alias, Up, Star Trek, and Super 8 among many others, and film-restoration expert Grover Crisp, who's currently working on Lawrence of Arabia for theatrical and Blu-ray release.

Not only that, I answered more questions from the chat room during the commercial and news breaks, and it was all captured on high-quality video by the incredibly talented crew of TWiT, Leo's podcast network. The video of both days is available right here, so please enjoy this double dose of home theater geeky goodness!

Saturday, December 10, 2011:

Sunday, December 11, 2011:

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Great job. Love it when Scott sits in for Leo!

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Scott, Sorry I had to miss the show due to other commitments. I'll download them to my iPod and give them a listen this week. I'm really interested in hearing Michael Giacchino's interview. We are watching "Lost" for the second time (first for my kids) and Giacchino's score for the series is simply marvelous.
Jarod's picture

This was a great podcast! I really enloyed it. Wish you were on there more often. No offense Leo :)

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Listening to Scott always permits me to learn more about HT. Thanks Scott and I too wish you were on the air more frequently.

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Thanks for posting the re-play. Great show! Looking forward to reading more of your comments on the Home Theater forum.


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Where do I find the show you did for Leo on Dec 24? It's not on the Twit.TV or Tech Guy Labs web sites.