Samsung BD-F5900 Blu-ray 3D Player Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The BD-F5900 passed all but one of our benchmark tests. It should be noted that the player took a split second to lock onto the 2:2 SD and 3:2 SD tests on the first pass, but it had no issues with each subsequent sequence, garnering a passing grade. Furthermore, there’s a slight rolloff in the chroma signal, but not enough to warrant a failing grade.—DV


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I have a player in the 5900 product range that I bought from Costco for about $120. For those of you considering purchase, its a great little player and the drive tray is most certainly not loud by any stretch.

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Not only is UHD on the horizon, which I feel only matters because of HDR, but for a mere $1400 less you can get an OPPO 103D. The OPPO at least duplicates or possibly surpasses this player's performance.
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