PSB Alpha Series Speaker System: First Look

Systems starting at $1350

Alpha T1 Tower: Ported two-way, three drivers, floor stander, 55Hz LF,$599/pr.
Alpha C1 center: Ported two-way, three drivers, 62Hz LF,$229/ea.
Alpha B1 bookshelf/surround: Ported two-way, two drivers, 65Hz LF,$279/pr.
Alpha LR1 bookshelf/surround: $199/pr.
Alpha CLR1 bookshelf/surround: Ported two-way, three drivers, 90Hz LF $169/ea.
SubZero i subwoofer: Vented box with 8" driver, 36Hz LF, 130W amplifier, single-ended line level and speaker level inputs, $329
SubSeries 5i subwoofer: Ported box with 10" driver, 225W amplifier, 30Hz LF, single-ended line level and speaker level inputs, $499

PAB's Alpha Series speakers have been re-designed from the ground up with entire systems built on the floor standing Alpha T1 Tower ($599/pr.) starting at just $1326. The Alpha C1 center speaker is $229, and the Alpha LR1 surrounds start at $199/pr., with the SubZero i woofer at $329. Slightly more expensive options are available in the Alpha series surrounds and subwoofer. This new Alpha series is intended to build on PSB's reputation for offering high performance at value prices. Available now.