Pro Audio Technology Programmable Modular Amplifier

One of the more interesting press releases to hit my inbox in anticipation of the CEDIA Expo next week was one announcing the Programmable Modular Amplifier (PMA) from Pro Audio Technology (formerly Professional Home Cinema or PHC). Aimed mainly at custom installations, this thing packs a highly configurable punch.

The PMA starts with a 2U rack-mount chassis housing four modules of ICEpower class-D amplification. The output of each module can be 200, 500, or 1000 watts, which allows the installer to configure the amp for different applications. For example, Pro Audio Technology's speakers employ high-efficiency high-frequency drivers, while the low-frequency drivers are somewhat less efficient, so a 200W module could be used for the highs with a 1000W module for the lows in a bi-amp configuration. Also included are a diagnostic noise generator and loop outputs that allow several PMAs to be daisy-chained together so a given signal can be distributed to multiple amp channels in elaborate systems.

A dealer-programmable DSP engine handles all system setup and calibration chores, including digital crossovers and ultra-high-resolution, wideband FIR (finite impulse response) digital equalization. Installers can control all parameters from a Windows utility with graphical user interface, and the front-panel display provides real-time feedback for each channel during setup.

Pricing is determined by dealers and the specific configuration, so there is no MSRP I can quote here. The PMA concept seems like a great idea to me, but I'd love to know what you think, so my thanks in advance for leaving a comment below.