Polk Audio LC265i-IP In-Wall Speaker POW Software

The POW software defines the following speaker parameters:

• Enclosure/no-enclosure tuning

• High-pass filter, necessary when using a subwoofer

• Room-acoustics compensation: You can select Lively, Somewhat Live, Neutral, Somewhat Dead, or Dead based on the reflectivity of the walls, floor, ceiling, and furnishings in the room

• Arrival Time Synchronization: helpful if the listening position is not centered between the speakers

• Off-axis frequency shaping is useful when the speakers are positioned to the left or right of the listening position and compensates for any drop in high-frequency response

• Vertical time synchronization helps produce the best sound when the speakers are placed above or below the listening position

• Boundary compensation prevents boomy bass if the speakers must be installed closer than 2 feet from a side wall

• The three-band tone control lets you fine-tune the speakers' tonal characteristics to suit your personal preferences