NttAudiolab Model 101 MkII Speaker

I had not heard of California-based NttAudiolab before coming across its flagship Model 101 MkII speaker. Judging strictly by the specs, this is one awesome music box.

The 3-way Model 101 MkII incorporates two 15-inch woofers in the rear-ported base, topped by two 6.5-inch Accuton ceramic, inverted-dome midrange drivers in separate, sealed enclosures above and below a Fostex T500AMkII horn-loaded super-tweeter. The midrange and tweeter enclosures can be aimed at the listening position to optimize imaging.

The specified frequency response extends from 15.2Hz to 90kHz (±3dB), well beyond the human hearing range in both directions. Interestingly, the speaker can exhibit a nominal impedance of 8Ω, 4Ω, or 2Ω, which can be manually or automatically set depending on the type of amplifier. For example, any impedance can be used with a pure class A amp, and the sensitivity is rated at 98dB/W/m; with a class AB amp, the sensitivity increases to 115dB/W/m at 8Ω. In any event, the speaker is designed to work with amp power from 10 to 1000W.

Standing six feet tall, the Model 101 MkII weighs in at 1315 pounds, so you'd better have reinforced floors. To complete the picture, it can be finished in any automotive paint color you choose.

Naturally, such a speaker doesn't come cheap—$175,000/pair to be exact, even more than the Wilson Alexandria X-2 to which it bears a striking resemblance. How does it sound? I hope to find out some day by visiting the company in Temecula, California. Until then, I can always dream.