New Products - Oct. 2001 Page 4


Controlling a multiroom system can be a challenge, but the Audioaccess touchscreen controller is up to it. Combined with a multizone audio controller in a custom installation, the wall-mounted touchscreen lets you select programs, adjust volume, and more for up to eight A/V source components. The screen icons can be either text or graphics. You can import images from a computer and control non-A/V subsystems, such as lighting or security, via the RS-232 interface. The touchscreen controller is available in white, almond, ivory, and black. Price: $1,200. Audioaccess, a division of Madrigal, 860-346-0896,


Designed with classic simplicity by the famed Henry Kloss, Tivoli's RadioWorks desk system comprises an AM/FM radio, a matching second speaker, a CD player, and a powered subwoofer. Cherrywood cabinets are complemented by taupe metallic faceplates and champagne knobs. The radio and speaker are 83/8 x 41/2 x 51/4 inches, and the CD player is the same except 10 1/4 inches deep. The subwoofer is 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches. The radio's tuner is built from discrete components, including gallium-arsenide field-effect transistors, for optimum performance. Package price: $380 (also available separately). 617-464-0006,


'Tis a far, far better range than you have ever had before - Terk's Remote Anywhere uses radio signals to extend the range of almost any infrared remote control by as much as 150 feet. Setup is minimal: hook the battery-powered sending unit into your remote, plug the receiver unit into a wall outlet near the components you want to control, and you're ready to roam. And since it operates in the 418-MHz band, barriers such as walls and furniture become transparent. You'll never have to point your remote again, and you can keep your gear concealed in a cabinet if you like. Price: $50. 631-543-1900,