New Products - Oct. 2001 Page 5


The calling card of Samsung's DVD-N501 player is its Nuon feature set. A sharp zoom that lets you zero in on any part of a frame and a 256x smooth-scan function are two Nuon features that will work with any DVD movie, while the player will unleash many disc-specific special features on Nuon-enhanced DVDs (should any appear besides Bedazzled). The N501 can play CD-Rs and discs encoded with MP3 files. Also included is an improved Virtual Light Machine, a popular party feature (an onscreen color pattern dances to music from a CD). One component-, one S-video, and two composite-video outputs and one optical and one coaxial digital audio output are provided, as well as a game controller and remote control. Price: $280. 800-726-7864,


With a 61-inch, 1,280 x 1,028-pixel widescreen display, JVC's D'Ahlia AV-61S902 rear-projection HDTV monitor is ready to take over as the centerpiece in your home theater. Its dual wideband component-video inputs can accept 480i or 480p signals from a DVD player and 480i, 480p, or 1080i signals from an outboard HDTV tuner. Digital noise-reduction circuitry and a dual-tuner picture-in-picture are provided for standard analog signals. There are four composite/ S-video inputs. And it's got a backlit universal remote control. For $13,000, it had better. 973-315-5000,


Turbocharge your home theater with Simaudio's Moon Titan HT-200 power amplifier. The 90-pound, 19 x 12 x 19-inch amp can be factory-configured for two to seven channels, each rated to deliver 200 watts into 8 ohms. The six- and seven-channel versions are a hulking 26 inches deep. The Class AB amplifier has both single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) line-level inputs. If your home theater needs still more power, you'd better be charging admission. Price: from $4,495 to $7,495. 877-980-2400,