New Products - July/August 2004 Page 5

discWelder discWelder - new products 0704With Minnetonka Audio's discWelder Bronze software, you can get a taste of "authoring" by recording and editing DVD-Audio tracks on a PC and burning them to disc. After you've imported and edited your music, the software lets you burn discs in any of the high-resolution PCM formats specified by the DVD-Audio format, including 24-bit/48-kHz six-channel sound and 24-bit/192-kHz stereo. You can put both surround and stereo mixes on the same disc, and DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs are supported. If you like what you hear with Bronze, you may want to upgrade to discWelder's Steel and Chrome professional software packages, which include advanced capabilities like creating icon-based menus and DVD extras. Price: $99., 952-449-6481 jbl - new products 0704 JBL You'll have all the bases covered for a 7.1-channel home theater with JBL's SCS300 speaker system. Comprising seven satellites and a subwoofer, the system has two back surround speakers so you can get fully immersed in Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES soundtracks. Each magnetically shielded speaker has a pair of 3 1/2-inch PolyPlas bass/midrange drivers and a 3/4-inch titanium-laminate tweeter. With a booty-shaking 10-inch driver and 200-watt amp, the subwoofer plays down to 30 Hz (Ð6 dB). All of the components are finished in charcoal with platinum trim. Speaker cables and swivel mounting brackets for the satellites are included, and floor stands are optional. Price: $650., 516-496-3400 radioshack - new products 0704 RadioShack We've all been there: your favorite show is about to come on, and the TV remote is teasing you with some ill-timed hide-and-seek. If you have RadioShack's Kameleon 8-in-1 universal remote control, its remote finder (right) will let you zero in on it right away. Just stick the finder wherever you like with the supplied Velcro strip, press its button, and the remote will emit a loud beep. The Kameleon can control up to eight components, and it has a commercial-skip button for use with video recorders that have the handy feature. Backlighting turns on instantly when you pick up the handset, though you can defeat this function to extend battery life. Price: $80., 800-843-7422 canton - new products 0704CantonThe trapezoidal shape of Canton's Reference 6 DC speaker does more than simply bestow a distinctive appearance. With a narrow face and large overall volume, the design is said to improve sonic imaging while maintaining deep bass and preventing internal standing waves, which can degrade sound quality. The three-way speaker has a pair of midrange drivers above and below a 1-inch tweeter and a side-mounted 9-inch woofer rated to play down to 20 Hz (Ð10 dB). Its gold-plated connectors are biwirable. Standing about 40 inches tall, the Reference 6 DC comes in either cherry, beech, or silver finish with a black grille cover. Price: $7,000 a pair., 612-706-9250