New Products - July/August 2004 Page 2

Sony sony - new products 0704Want your HDTV? The latest models in Sony's FD Trinitron Wega line make it easier than ever to make the move. The 34-inch KD-34XBR960 - Sony's largest widescreen direct-view model - has a built-in HDTV tuner for receiving high-def signals over the air or via cable. There's also a slot for a CableCARD - lease one from your cable provider, and you'll be able to watch premium high-def channels like HBO and Showtime without needing a set-top decoder. Inputs include HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) for both audio and video as well as wideband component video. A Memory Stick slot lets you view JPEG images or MPEG-1 video files. Price: $2,000., 800-222-7669

delphi - new products 0704 Delphi Next time you head out to the beach, you can bring along your favorite tunes - plus XM satellite radio - all in one stylish package. Delphi's portable CD Audio System has a place to park the company's plug-and-play SkyFi tuner ($100, sold separately), giving you free reign over XM's 120-plus channels for $9.99 a month. AM and FM are just a button-press away, or you can slip in a CD - even one with MP3 files. An LCD screen on the CD player (inset) shows the artist name and song title for MP3s, which you can shuffle and repeat just like CD tracks. The boombox has a flip-up carrying handle, is 20 inches wide, and runs on six D cells. An AC adapter is supplied. Price: $200., 877-463-3574 snell - new products 0704 Snell Designed to blend with modern furnishings, the speakers in Snell's Series 7 are handcrafted with real wood veneers and aluminum end caps. As its model number implies, the LCR7 speaker (left) is meant to be used in any of the main front positions in a surround sound setup. It has dual 51Ú4-inch paper woofers plus a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter, and it's 19 inches tall - or wide, if you place it horizontally in the center spot. The K7 (lower right) has a single woofer and is 12 inches tall. And with a B300 subwoofer in your system, bass will rumble down to 25 Hz (±3 dB), thanks to its 300-watt amplifier and 10-inch aluminum driver. All Series 7 speakers come finished in cherry or satin black, with custom finishes available at added cost. Prices: K7, $1,200 a pair; LCR7, $2,000 a pair; S300, $1,500 each., 978-538-6262