New Products - July-August 2002 Page 5

Sonance What's that rumble? Look up - it could be Sonance's Virtuoso A800DR in-ceiling subwoofer. Or maybe check the walls for the A800D in-wall model. Each has an 8-inch long-throw aluminum-cone driver and a rated bandwidth of 35 to 250 Hz. A stand-alone amplifier rated to deliver 150 watts (not shown) powers each Virtuoso and houses the sub's variable-crossover, level, and phase controls. The A800DR (shown) measures 12 inches in diameter and has a 5 7/8-inch mounting depth. The in-wall sub is also available without the amplifier as the P800D, with a rated bandwidth of 40 to 150 Hz. Prices: A800DR and A800D, $799; P800D, $349., 949-492-7777

Madison Fielding Speakers in disguise - that's the idea behind Madison Fielding's PlanterSpeakers line, which comprises several weather-resistant designs to mimic outdoor planters. The Terra Cotta series includes three polyethylene models disguised as flower pots, with single 5 1/4-, 6 1/2-, or 8-inch full-range drivers ($699, $999, and $1,199 a pair). The Flagstone planter (shown) has a three-way speaker and can hold large flowering plants or a small tree ($2,999 a pair). If planters aren't your thing, there's the Flagstone Siena bench, with a 5 1/4-inch coaxial tweeter/midrange driver in each leg and an 8-inch woofer inside the platform ($999). And don't forget the Marc Anthony subwoofer, shaped like a Doric column, with an 8-inch driver ($799)., 914-939-8500

Bang & Olufsen Making a style statement on Internet music, Bang & Olufsen introduces its UFO-shaped BeoSound 2 portable player. The silver-finished device has symmetric controls for convenient handling, weighs only 4 ounces, and measures only 2 3/4 inches in diameter. It plays music files in the MP3, Windows Media Audio, and AAC formats, provided they're on a Secure Digital card; a 128-megabyte card is included. You can transfer files to the card through the player's USB port, and each charging of the built-in lithium-ion battery is said to last 10 hours. A charging base and headphones are supplied. Price: $695., 847-590-4900