New Products - July-August 2002 Page 2

Pioneer The 21st century in car audio is speeding up, and you get to ride shotgun with Pioneer's DEH-P90HDD in-dash CD receiver. A built-in 10-gigabyte hard drive is the centerpiece of the digital head unit, which also has a Memory Stick slot for playback and file transfer and is ready for XM satellite radio (you'll need to buy a separate receiver, antenna, and subscription to hear XM channels). You can rip music to the hard drive straight from the CD player (the tray is behind the flip-down faceplate), which also plays MP3 files, but only using Sony's ATRAC3 compression at either 105 or 132 kilobits per second. A built-in Gracenote database automatically provides artist and title information. The head unit is rated to deliver 50 watts into 4 ohms to each of four channels. Price: $2,000., 800-746-6337

Mitsubishi Once you've got Mitsubishi's WS-65611 65-inch rear-projection HDTV, you won't need much else to start enjoying high-def broadcasts. The set has a built-in HDTV tuner as well as wideband component-video, RGB, and RGB+H/V high-definition inputs, plus three FireWire connectors for digital signals. Two additional component-video inputs are ready to accept signals from a progressive-scan DVD player. The set uses 7-inch CRTs to produce a wide 16:9 aspect ratio picture rated for 1,200 lines of horizontal resolution. A VGA input will accept computer signals, and there are five composite/S-video inputs as well as a coaxial digital audio output. Dimensions of the two-piece, 340-pound cabinet are 59 1/8 x 62 x 28 1/4 inches. Price: $4,799., 800-332-2119

Tannoy Adding magnetic shielding and a new finish, Tannoy has upgraded its Mercury mX speaker line to the mX-M series, comprising (from left) the mX1-M, mXR-M, and mX2-M bookshelf models ($270, $200, and $370 a pair), the mXC-M center speaker ($270), and the mX3-M and mX4-M tower designs ($530 and $730 a pair). The mX4-M is 37 inches tall and combines two 6-inch ceramic-coated paper-cone woofers with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. Frequency response is rated as 31 Hz to 20 kHz ±3 dB, sensitivity as 91 dB. The center speaker has dual 4-inch woofers and measures 161/2 x 6 x 7 3/4 inches. The mXR-M is designed to be hung on a wall. All models come in either dark oak or light cherry vinyl finishes., 800-565-2523

Denon Your wall will never sound the same after you hang Denon's stylish D-107 minisystem on it. A vertically loaded CD player/ receiver with top-mounted controls, a pair of two-way speakers, and an unusual-looking bass module make up the slim system. The player/receiver and speakers are less than 3 1/2 inches deep, and each sports a brushed-aluminum finish. The CD player can handle CD-Rs or CD-RWs with MP3 files and displays filenames in its illuminated LCD window. The bass module has dual 43/4-inch drivers and is designed for floor placement but can also be wall mounted. System power is rated as 80 watts total, and there are auxiliary stereo inputs as well as an optical digital input. If the wall won't do, the system comes with mini stands for shelf placement. Price: $749., 973-396-0810