New Products - April 2005 Page 4

0405-norcent.jpg Norcent With a 27-inch screen, Norcent's LT-2720 LCD TV fits snugly in a bedroom. Though conventional TV reception is handled through a built-in analog tuner, the set needs to be connected to an outboard digital tuner for HDTV. The high-def display, by the rated numbers, has 1,280 x 768-pixel resolution, a 600:1 contrast ratio, and a 50,000-hour lamp life. Stereo speakers and a headphone jack are on board. The built-in sleep timer even lets you program the set to shut itself off, so you can fall asleep during Nightline without being awakened by a loud commercial. Price: $1,299., 909-305-8885


Toshiba There aren't that many machines that can record HDTV, but if you own one of Toshiba's integrated high-def sets, you have one more option than everyone else - the compact (8 1/2 x 2 x 10 1/4-inch) Symbio high-definition A/V recorder. The 160-GB external hard drive connects to your set through its FireWire port. Symbio takes advantage of the TV Guide On Screen program guide in the TV, enabling one-touch recording of both standard- and high-def programs. Your TV's remote also controls pausing and replaying live broadcasts. Price: $499., 973-628-8000


Bell'OWhy perch that flat screen on a shabby stand when what you really want is furniture as sleek and elegant as the TV itself? Bell'O International's AVS-2663 combines steel and tempered safety glass in a low-rise stand flanked by leather-look panels. Measuring 63 1/2 x 21 x 20 1/2 inches (W x H x D), it contains two bottom shelves for components, a center speaker, and software. Wires and cables can easily be hidden within the stand. Price: $1,000., 732-972-1333


iPoser Desperate to join the iPod club, but just don't have the coin to be that trendy? The iPoser will get you looking as hip as those techies on the subway for a fraction of the cost. Its casing exactly matches the iPod's, except it's all casing - the iPoser is completely hollow. An iPoser Mini is available (in all colors), and you can even get a fake first-generation iPod, just to pretend you were cool way before everyone else. The ersatz iPod's LCD screen lights up, lets you browse menus - the only catch is it won't store or play music of any kind. And the convenient cavity is a good place to hold loose change and breath mints. The company guarantees a lifetime supply of nonworking white earbuds. Price: $15; Mini version, $10., 800-IPOSER

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