New Products - April 2005 Page 3

0405-x2.jpg X2The Mega View 566 portable multimedia player ingests all your music, home video, TV shows, and photographs and lets you slide them into a jacket pocket. Featuring a 3 1/2-inch color LCD screen as well as an FM radio and voice recorder, the player has a 20-gigabyte (GB) hard drive that can store up to 80 hours of video (MPEG-4 or DivX), 10,000 songs (MP3 or WMA), 100,000 photos, or 640 hours of voice recording. The Mega View can record TV shows directly without a computer and turn itself off via a built-in timer. There's also an SD/MMC memory-card slot. The whole thing weighs 8 1/2 ounces including battery. Price: $449; 40-GB version, $549., 949-754-4252

0405-def-tech.jpgDefinitive Technology The thud of hockey players crashing into barriers (well, maybe next season) sounds off with Definitive Tech's new SuperCube III subwoofer, featuring a 7 1/2-inch active driver and two passive radiators. The mini sub is just one part of the six-piece Mythos Gem sub/sat system, which also includes four sleek, 10 1/4-inch-tall satellite speakers and a wider center speaker. The satellites are all semi-enclosed in aluminum and can be wall-mounted using the supplied stainless steel brackets. The Gem stands shown are optional. Price: $2,044; stands $259 a pair., 410-363-7148 0405-denon.jpg DenonWith the price of a bargain-basement DVD player approaching that of a cheap bottle of wine, Denon still makes players for folks who take quality as seriously as a sommelier. The flagship DVD-5910 universal player features the Realta/HQV chip from Silicon Optix, which is said to perform more than a trillion video-processing operations per second. According to Denon, it's equal to the power of a $60,000 scaler. With its HDMI output, the player upconverts DVD video to high-def resolution, and it includes Dolby Digital, DTS, DVD-Audio, and SACD decoders. Price: $3,500., 973-396-0810

0405-sennheiser.jpgSennheiser The constant low rumble in an airline cabin ruins the clarity of satellite TV, your portable DVD player, or any MP3 player. In-flight entertainment is where noise-canceling headphones make the biggest difference. Now, Sennheiser's PCX300 with a collapsible headband makes the phones easy to squirrel away in the supplied travel case. The PCX300 actively reduces rumble using two supplied AAA batteries in an outboard battery pack (below), but unlike some other noise-canceling headsets, it can be used for regular listening even when the batteries are exhausted. Price: $220., 860-434-9190

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