NAD and GoldenEar

I am really new to A/V but quickly becoming addicted! What are your thoughts about NAD? I have a moderate budget and expensive tastes, so I was considering the NAD T 785 A/V receiver and the GoldenEar TritonCinema Two speaker system. I have read great things about GoldenEar, and I like the sound of these speakers. I don't see as much press on NAD, but they come highly recommended from the staff at Listen Up Denver.

Chris Ferguson

I've always thought very highly of NAD products. We haven't reviewed the T 785 (seen here), but we did review the T 747, which, at $1300, reviewer Mark Fleischmann called "an A/V receiver for the audiophile on a budget." Granted, the flagship T 785 is much more at a list price of $4000, but as far as I can tell online, it's nearing the end of its product life cycle, so you can probably find one for a lot less than that.

NAD is well known for high-quality audio and minimal frills. And I really like the company's modular approach, called Modular Design Construction (MDC), that lets you customize the T 785 and other NAD products with audio and video modules to suit your particular needs while staving off obsolescence.

As for the GoldenEar TritonCinema Two speaker system, that's a no-brainer. As Darryl Wilkinson (no relation) said in his review for Home Theater, "The combination of appearance, performance, and price is flat-out spectacular and will set lots of other companies on a chase to close the gap."

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