The Most 'Def Awards

It's Oscar time! And since no one on the Sound & Vision staff actually belongs to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (our applications keep getting kicked back to us), we're celebrating this past year's best pictures our own way -- by declaring which films actually have the best pictures . . . and sound! Of course, no video format delivers them better than high def discs (Blu-ray and HD DVD), so . . .

Welcome to S&V 's first annual Most 'Def Awards, celebrating the best in high definition discs, both motion pictures and television (we're a little like the Golden Globes that way -- but without the drunken celebrities).

We're bestowing our trophy ("The Golden Disc") to winners in a dozen categories; everything from Deepest Blacks to Best Detail to Best High-Def Disc.

Want to know which of this past annum's entertainment software are most worthy of your $5,000 plasma and your 7.1 channel surround system? Click on the image above to see our Gallery of Champions.