MB Quart Vera VS 1F Speaker System Ratings


MB Quart Vera VS 1F Speaker System

Build Quality: 92
German precision, par excellence
Curvy cabinetry
Exotic veneers

Value: 88
Considering the performance and fastidious construction, they're a fair value
Since they're made entirely in Germany, the Veras are a little pricey

Features: 92
The coolest drivers around
Steel tensioning rods enhance cabinet strength
You can "store" the grille on the rear baffle

Performance: 92
Viscerally dynamic; agile bass, highly transparent treble
The mighty center speaker delivers impressively full-range sound

Ergonomics: 87
These speakers are big and heavy, so you'll need help moving them
The speaker-wire connectors aren't up to snuff, but they're hidden behind plastic covers

Overall Rating: 91
MB Quart's Vera speakers are relaxed but exquisitely transparent speakers. They boast outstanding engineering, ultra-clean Euro styling, and an absolutely vivid sound with movies and music.

General information
Vera VS 1F Tower Speaker, $2,500
Vera VS 1C Center-Channel Speaker, $2,200
Vera VS 1B Bookshelf Speaker, $2,000
MB Quart, (800) 366-2349
Dealer Locator Code MBQ

MB Quart
Dealer Locator Code MBQ
(800) 366-2349