LG 55LW5600 3D LCD HDTV HT Labs Measures

HT Labs Measures

Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio: 9,710:1

The above 2D result was obtained in the Expert 1 Picture Mode with the Backlight on 28, the Contrast on 89, the Brightness at 52, the Gamma on 2.2, and the LED Local Dimming on High. With local dimming off, the full-on/full-off contrast ratio decreased to 1,004:1 (29.12 foot-lamberts peak white, 0.029 ft-L black). In the Vivid Picture Mode (the factory default settings, with both Backlight and Brightness at 100), the peak white level increased to just under 104 ft-L.

The Color Tracking charts show how well a display adheres to the D65 standard white point; the tighter the overlap of the three primary colors, the nearer the result is to D65. Before calibration, there was an excess of blue, and the Delta E ranged from 11.6 at the dark end (20 IRE) to 14.2 (100 IRE). After calibration (using both the two-point and 10-point controls), the Delta E was 1.7 or less across the full brightness range. Any Delta E below 3 is generally considered to be excellent and visually indistinguishable from perfect. The calibration in 3D is shown as well. This was performed using only the two-point calibration controls, with Delta Es ranging from 1.7 to 3.5 (the latter only at 90 IRE; the maximum calibrated 3D Delta E elsewhere never exceeded 2.74).

The BT.709 setting of the Color Gamut control placed the color points to within a hair of the positions called for by the BT.709 standard (also known as Rec. 709 or ITU709). Nevertheless, minor tweaking of the Color Management System controls produced the result shown in the CIE chart above. The measured brightness of the individual colors, though not adjustable in the CMS, was very close to the values required by BT.709.

At a setting of 2.2, the gamma averaged 2.31 from 20 IRE at the dark end to 80 IRE. It increased to 2.49 at 90 IRE.—TJN

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I just got this tv and found your information very useful. I have one question, however. Why are some of the expert menu options disabled in the 2 expert isf menus?

For instance, looking at your settings above:

Energy Saving: Off
Picture Mode: Expert1
Backlight: 28
Contrast: 89
Brightness: 52
H Sharpness: 50
V Sharpness: 50
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Expert Control

Dynamic Contrast: Off - Disabled (set to off)
Noise Reduction: Off - Disabled (set to off)
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off - Disabled (set to off)
Super Resolution Off - Disabled (set to off)
Black Level: Low
Real Cinema: On - Disabled (set to off)
Color Gamut: BT709 - Disabled (could not set to BT709)
Edge Enhancer Off - Disabled (set to on)
Color Temp: Warm
Gamma: 2.2
Method: 2-Point and 10-Point
Pattern: Outer
Contrast: Red -6, Green 0, Blue -34
Brightness: Red 2, Green 0, Blue 1
20IRE: Red -1, Green -1, Blue 0
30IRE: Red -1, Green 0, Blue -1
90IRE: Red -5, Green 0, Blue 0
100IRE: Red -9, Green 0, Blue 0
All Others: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0
Luminance All 130
CMS settings: Color Tint - Could not find in menu
Red 0 -3
Green -4 17
Blue 0 0
Yellow -17 -2
Cyan 0 0
Magenta 0 0

Has something changed since you posted these settings? Am I not enabling some setting to have access to these options?

Thanks for the great post.

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To above commenter, I found some setting only available with some input, It's all worked with my cable box (HDMI)

A question of mine:

This article offered picture setting in both 2D and 3D mode,
How is it possible to set picture in 3D mode?

While in the 3D mode, I cannot even enter picture setting, it says "this function is not available now"

Any one can help on this?