Klipsch Expands Heritage Wireless Speaker Lineup

Klipsch has added two larger, more powerful speakers to its popular Heritage Wireless speaker series, which includes The Fives we reviewed in 2020.

The new models, The Sevens (shown below, $1,299/pair) and The Nines (opening photo, $1,499/pair), are medium-sized powered speakers that can be placed on a shelf or mounted on a stand. With these speakers all you have to do is add an audio source (via Bluetooth or hard wire) and you can get the party started without having to add any other components.

The Sevens mate a 1-inch titanium tweeter loaded in Klipsch’s proprietary Tractrix horn assembly with a 6.5-inch high-excursion woofer and 200 watts of system power in a ported enclosure 16.4 inches tall. The Nines pair an 8-inch woofer with the same horn tweeter in a cabinet just over 19 inches tall with 240 watts of total system power. Both speakers are bi-amplified with 80 or 100 watts reserved for each woofer and 20 watts going to each tweeter.

The Sevens are rated to play down to 39Hz, and The Nines down to 34Hz (both ±3 dB) and both include Dynamic Bass EQ that effectively extends and boosts bass at lower volumes; Klipsch specs bass extension at 22Hz when volume is set to around 35%.

Both speaker systems feature 24-bit/192kHz audio decoding and provide a subwoofer output plus a generous selection of inputs, including Bluetooth, ARC-enabled HDMI for use with a TV, a set of switchable phono/line-level stereo RCA jacks, an analog minijack, and USB and optical digital connectors.

The speakers can be controlled using rotary dials for volume and input selection on top of one of the speakers in each set or via the Klipsch Connect app, which puts an equalizer, subwoofer level control, night listening mode, and quick-start guide at your fingertips. The speakers are finished in black or walnut real-wood veneer. For more information, visit klipsch.com.

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Klipsch is the best speaker brand in my opinion, I have read some other articles about different speaker brands on the https://www.audiofavorite.com/ site, but Klipsch has never disappointed me so far. Everything they make is top quality. I can't wait to hear how they sound.