Jan Wins an Oppo!

As one of our most heralded sweepstakes yet came to a close, tensions ran high among HomeTheater.com members anxiously awaiting notification that they had won an Oppo BDP-105 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. Members emailed me riddled with anxiety: "When are you going to announce the winner?" and "Has the winner been announced yet?" Unfortunately for these nervous nancies, the winner had already been selected, and it wasn't them.

Janice Danielson of the suburban Milton-Freewater, Oregon is our unassuming winner of the Oppo BDP-105. Just how lucky is Janice? Well Kris Deering says in his review of the Oppo, "Once again, Oppo has raised the bar, and I honestly can’t imagine recommending any other product with more enthusiasm." Yowza! Janice seems pretty happy about it too.

She watched her first Blu-ray (ever!) on the BDP-105, and she looks forward to this device becoming one of the cornerstones of her home theater system. Keep smiling Jan! The Oppo looks great on you.

kevon27's picture

I should have had my wife comment. Congrats to that lady who won but she will not appreciate what she has. To her, the 105 is no different than a bluray player from Best Buy's Insignia.

Ariel Bitran's picture
are just jealous. There are plenty of talented and intelligent and discerning women in audio and HT. your ignorance is glaring and insulting to the members of our hobbies.
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Kevon27, it appears that Janice is much luckier than your wife. Jeesh.

Congrats Janice and welcome to the world of Blu-Ray (and all the other things the Oppo brings to the table).

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Congradulation that you won it,you be playing that bluray player for next five years,enjoy

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Very nice. Bet she will enjoy this fine Blu-ray player for years.

Now I am going to have to go buy one to replace my BP-93 Oppo

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Jan, whether or not you will appreciate having the Rolls Royce of Blu-ray players you will certainly appreciate how great your movies will look and sound. Have fun looking for the best Blu-ray discs to enjoy on your Oppo.