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Equipment List

Exceptional Innovation (6) Lifetouch 8.9-inch touchscreen controllers (6) Lifetouch 12.1-inch touchscreen controllers Lifecontroller system controller Lifestorage 2-terabyte A/V server Lifevision analog/digital TV distributor HP (12) z558 Digital Entertainment Centers (4) Pavilion Slimline desktop PCs z5190 laptop with Media Center m7360n Pavilion desktop Media Center PC vs17e 17-inch LCD monitor (2) f2105 21-inch widescreen LCD TVs (7) lc3260n 32-inch LCD TVs (4) pl5060n 50-inch plasma TVs md5880n 58-inch DLP rear-projection TV Photosmart 475 printer Photosmart 3210 printer Microsoft (3) Xbox 360 game consoles Samsung Q1 ultra mobile PC Russound (4) R1250MC 12-channel amplifiers (6) CAV6.6 A/V controllers Sim2 HT500E-Link 720p 3-chip DLP front projector VuTEC SilverStar 120-inch screen Integra (2) Integra DTR-10.5 A/V receiver Integra DTR-7.6 receiver (2) Integra DPS-10.5 DVD players Klipsch (2) Klipsch THX Ultra 2 home-theater speaker systems (100) Klipsch ceiling and in-wall speakers Nevo (7) NevoSL universal remote controls CLO Systems X-Arm motorized plasma mount Linksys (5) SRW2048 48-port network switch AdTran NetVanta 2100 router Insteon (77) lighting-system controls Vantage (320) Infusion lighting controls Aprilaire (19) 8870 communicating thermostats Heatizon (3) CBX6/23 radiant-heat control boxes Panasonic (2) BBHCM381A security cameras (20) BBHCM331A security cameras DSC (120) Maxsys security contacts Gaia power technology whole-house battery backup

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