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TVs WITH BUILT-IN DVRs Since you don't need physical access to a hard drive to use it, several manufacturers have put them in TVs, eliminating the wires and space needed for a separate component. Mitsubishi, for example, offers four DLP rear-projection models with 160-GB DVRs, ranging in screen size from 62 to 73 inches and in price from $5,800 to $8,000. Because the sets each have two DTV tuners and a CableCARD slot, you don't need a cable box to record a high-def show while watching another one live. LG offers several plasma TVs with built-in 160-GB recorders, ranging in screen size from 50 to 60 inches and in price from $8,000 to $15,000. (LG's 50-inch model was reviewed in the July/August issue.) Toshiba offers an external 160-GB DVR called Symbio as a $300 option for its integrated HDTVs with a FireWire connection.