GoldenEar Technology Triton Five Loudspeaker Review Test Bench

Test Bench


Triton Five (purple) +2.40/–3.46 dB, 200 Hz to 10 kHz; –3 dB @ 49 Hz, –6 dB @ 41 Hz; impedance minimum 4.35 ohms @ 3.9 kHz, phase angle –52.17º @ 2.9 kHz; sensitivity 88.5 dB, 500 Hz to 2 kHz.—MJP

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Any scheduled review set for the Triton ones? The ones have been the darling of the last year of every reviewer and perhaps the most talked about speaker of the last year, and would love your take.
If so, love to have you opinion on them vs Zu audio Drioids and also Magnepan 3.7i for the same price range, since you know those speakers very well as your reference speakers.
Thanks !!

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Darryl Wilkinson reviewed GoldenEar's Triton One towers last year and awarded them Top Pick status. Read his review here.
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Thx, I know abut the review.

Wanted Steve's take especially compared to Maggie's and Zu audio, his reference speakers for the same price point.

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"I found these speakers seem to like moderate to high volume; they were less satisfying at hushed, late-night levels" - This is a common drawback for most sealed-box speakers. While they are more efficient at power handling than ported speakers, the pressure built-up in the box prevents the speaker drivers from moving freely at low volume listening.