ELAC Releases Uni-Fi 2.0 Speaker Lineup

It’s been four years since Elac introduced the Uni-Fi Series, a budget speaker lineup that earned an enthusiastic Top Pick when it was reviewed in Sound & Vision. Not one to rest on his laurels, designer Andrew Jones is back with a next-generation Uni-Fi Series, one that incorporates a number of improvements with only a modest price increase over the original speakers.

“Based on feedback from dealers and end-users, along with changes in the market, we have completely re-designed the entire line-up. Newly developed drivers, waveguides, cabinets, and networks result in a line that is easier to setup, offers greater compatibility, and delivers significant performance improvements” said Andrew Jones, vice president engineering, ELAC.


New features for Uni-Fi 2.0 include a wide-surround tweeter with expanded frequency response that Elac says enable a better blend with the mid-range driver. Like the original Uni-Fi Series, the new speakers have a coaxial driver design with the tweeter positioned on-axis with the mid-range—in this case, a new design with a larger diameter voice coil, new aluminum cone and surround, plus an all-new neodymium magnet assembly.

The Uni-Fi 2.0 speakers also include a single-piece aluminum dished-cone woofer that Elac claims to offer improved stiffness, while an oversized magnet and large diameter voice coil on the new woofer deliver “improved accuracy and bass dynamics,” according to the company. An enhanced 3-way crossover design also results in true 6-ohm nominal impedance, allowing the speakers to easily pair with almost any A/V receiver. Lastly, the ports on the bookshelf and center speakers have been moved from the back to the front of the cabinet to permit greater placement flexibility.

Elac’s Uni-Fi 2.0 speakers are available now.

UB52-BK ($599.98/pair)

5 1⁄4-inch 3-Way Concentric Bookshelf Speakers

UC52-BK ($399.98 each)

5 1⁄4” 3-Way Concentric Center Speaker

UF52-BK ($599.98 each)

5 1⁄4-inch 3-Way Concentric Floor Standing Speaker

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