Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 55 Loudspeakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 55 loudspeakers (MSRP $599) we are giving away.

According to Definitive Technology:

The Most Advanced Technologies for the Most Advanced Performance.

If you love great sound you must experience Definitive's new StudioMonitor 55 for yourself. Its racetrack bass radiator technology, along with our latest generation patented Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) bass/midrange drivers in a rock-solid attractive enclosure, delivers unsurpassed sonic performance and value.

Each SM 55 features a cast-basket 6-1/2" bass/midrange driver and a 1" aluminum dome tweeter. Definitive's patented BDSS technology supports the speaker cone at both the inner and outer edges allowing longer, more linear excursion for greater clarity and finely textured inner detail. A new patent pending Linear Response Waveguide disperses sound over a wider area for crystal clear intelligibility for every listener in the room. The tweeter is a pure aluminum dome produces extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.

The bass/midrange driver is pressure coupled to a top mounted racetrack bass radiator to extend and amplify bass. The total bass radiating area is substantially greater than that of a single 10-inch woofer but with far greater control, definition and speed than a single large woofer. The StudioMonitor's bass performance is nothing short of astonishing in its depth, detail and musicality.

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yosh7's picture

These sure would look and sound nice with all of my other Definitive speakers!

aopu.mohsin's picture

Please come home Def-Tech Monitors. Your papa is waiting eagerly for you!!!

fufanuer's picture

Thanks for your contest.

mtnbiker's picture

These would go perfect with my promonitor 1000 and procenter 2000.

Eagleshadow's picture

I think I saw my name on these speakers in the lower left hand corner!

tealfan's picture

Thanks for having this contest!

KikassAssassin's picture

I've been looking for a pair of monitors to put in a stereo system, and these look like they'd fit the bill perfectly.

P smo 63's picture

These are mine, go get yer own!

msagar's picture

Enter me for these monitors

erm93ct's picture

I want to win

bigpsychodad's picture

Please let me win. I need some new toys.

craw787's picture

Please. I would love a pair. Their size makes them completely wife approved.

Ed Trigg's picture

I'm pretty happy with my tiny Energy speakers, but I suspect these might be worth a try.

silversupercooper's picture

Sell a man a pair of speakers, and he'll be happy until his credit card statement arrives. Give a man a speaker, and he'll be happy until the credit card statement arrives for the amplifier he bought because he saved so much on the speakers!

bugsy's picture

All I need to do is figure out how to disconnect the appropriate bundled wires from my sound bar and reconnect them to the Definitive speakers.

jes182's picture

I listened to these last week in my local Magnolia. Very nice!

Tarpin's picture

Been looking at getting me a pair of these

kgh015's picture

Hook me up!

fourvw's picture

Need a pair.

mblackm2's picture

These will help me complete my HT setup. I've already got DefTech towers.

RajaSri's picture

It would be nice to win these.

bramankp's picture

The Definitive Technology DR 7 Towers were the first real speaker I bought, way back in college. I loved them for many years but "donated" them to a friend a couple of years back. I miss them very much.

oldsv6's picture

Thanks for the contest and for your great site!

ballstadt's picture

Would love to have these to upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1!

fritzdj4's picture

These look great!

Rubietsdy's picture

5.1 to 7.1 would finally make me legit!

budabellyx's picture

Deftech was always a go to piece when I sold audio. They were a good fit for a lot of different homes, Jack of all Trades so to speak.

These look great!

goodfellas27's picture

I can't afford them... :(
No sound for my room

simonlsays's picture

Yay! Love the site.

MatsudaMan's picture

Yes, I'll have a pair.

johnepearl's picture

Yes please.

cwakeman's picture

I would love to try these out and see how they sound next to my SVS speakers.

Savant's picture

I'd love to have these as part of my system. 3.1 -> 5.1 should be fun!

weshinshaw's picture

I have man cave that I am have in the works and these would be a great start.

suterp34's picture

"That's how Dad did it, that's how America Does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far."

TravNast's picture

Definitive makes a wonderful product! My would I love those in my house!

SClifford's picture

But I enter anyways!

lawn_wrangler's picture

I can think of something to do with those.

bmoss's picture

Can you ever have too many good speakers?

mikakaar's picture

It would be awesome to win these! This site is great

hetalpate's picture

This will complete my theater

sl1ac's picture

Please enter me in the contests. Thanks.

Pure Sound's picture

These would look Great next to my new Plasma.

pbalash123's picture

I need some new stereo speakers

Shevlin's picture


Arnaud32's picture

Keep on the great work on that website!

George's picture

I would love to win the speaker, because I have never won anything and I could really, really use them.

huge2581's picture

Huge fan of the site, would love a new pair of speakers in my office!!!!!

buck1's picture

Make me the lucky one

nct's picture

be mine.

loop7's picture

These would be a nice addition to my gear.

utopianemo's picture

....which is why I entered this contest.

n2hifi's picture

More speakers are always welcome

oxygenthedj's picture

It's been a loooong time since I had any passive speakers in my residence. Probably 25 years. I'd love something nice for our living room.

Pacman9270's picture

I am already listening to ProCinema 600s and love them in my family room.. These would be great to make my 5.1 a 7.1 system!

triforce7's picture

I'd love to add these to my home theater setup!

chapzulu's picture

I Just got my self A Pro-1000 center would love to have a nice studio Monitors!!!

dankokkos's picture

I love the sound of the Def Tech speakers. I currently have only the supercube and would love the others that go with the set. You feel the music with def tech, that is very personal.

Packraticus's picture

Here's why I should win. I have ridiculously noisy neighbors, and it would be good for them to get a taste of their own medicine!

drjameshouse's picture

I would love to add these to my system. Pick me!

david.parker83's picture

Would love to be a winner!

jsduncan's picture

Me like speakers.

HTM_cushman_23's picture

These look great...send them to me :)

Speakerphile's picture

Count me in!

drobles's picture

I woul sure enjoy those speakers.

tvb6171's picture


msardo's picture

I would be more than happy to help in the task of giving these speakers a good home.

Kind thanks,


W2GOD's picture

I'm drooling to get my hands on them!!!!! :) I love DEFTECH!!!!!!!!!

sto22's picture

Love the Speakers....

FYI - The locale choices when registering rank as one of the dumbest things I've yet to see on a web site. Something wrong with good old PST, MST, CST, etc.

Hope you don't read these to pick a winner. :)

Brad83's picture

I like free stuff but i love free av stuff!!

kevinmahaney1's picture

Please come home with me!

nrankin's picture

I would love to win these speakers for my dad. It would go great with his Definitive speakers.

garybechtold's picture

I've owned DefTech ProMonitors in the past. Good stuff! Needs some more! :^)

N Evans87's picture

I need to upgrade all of my speakers and this is a good place to start.

rstedman's picture

Thanks for the contest.

Hillcountryliving's picture

Sign me up!!

atstone62's picture

send them my way!

von Krag's picture

Nice speakers that would go well in the kitchen I think. Heck my old JVC mini system would love better sound & so would I.

John62's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win. Would to own these

kent harrison's picture

The new def tech speakers,im very disappoint with these speakers, i herd them in best buy, they are step down from last studio speakers, they suck when comes to music,but since home theater is giving away pair of speakers thats find,but i would not buy them,plus i try them with different recievers too,so i keeping my old ones,for six hundred dollars buy the six hundred series bw speakers for that price.

K.Reid's picture

I love to listen to our family's BP20 with that transmission line bass. Nothing like the agility of those 6.5 bass/midrange drivers going full tilt!

ayub_shafi's picture

these would match my center from def tech very nicely!

Mister Leadfoot's picture

This is a great site!

jdluten1's picture

I could use a new pair of surrounds.

funboy's picture

in it to win it!

maybe this time...

JCA's picture

It´s good that now I can spend the money I was saving to buy these in something else, like a Super Cube 4000.

cadmo12's picture

Chicken Dinner!

StargateNH's picture

I could turn my DT 5.1 system into a 7.1, that would rock!

Victor Ariel Padilla's picture

I`ve been a user of Def Tech speakers for a long time, more than 15 yrs. now, and has been a wonderful ride. Highly recomended products...

curtiswhite's picture

it would be nice to win this.