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Is Yoko Ono on your radar at all? Sure. Like a lot of people, it's that weird love-hate thing with Yoko. Ultimately, what I try to remember is that she was Lennon's muse. He loved her, you know, so she had to have something that he admired, but we probably never got to see that because of how defensive she became with the way the public treated her. I like some things, but I'm not so much of a fan of the primal scream kind of stuff. It's a little hard to take. But she's alright. She's John's girl. You have to give her a little credit.

How about Lennon's first solo album [also known as Plastic Ono Band], with songs like "Mother," "Love," and "Isolation"… "Love" is an incredible tune. And I really like "God" as well. It's so truthful, and it's kinda hard to listen to sometimes. He was holding on to a lot of stuff when he left the Beatles. In the Beatles, he had a slightly whimsical element to a good bit of his part of their catalog, and when he left he wanted to do things that were more real and more truthful. He's always amazing. He always speaks truthfully. He took his pain and turned it into art. That's one of the most admirable things you can say about Lennon, and artists in general - that they can take things that have crushed them for a long time and turned them into something that's beautiful.

That leads to one tough question: Can you really create great art if you're happy all of the time? I know I create my best art when I'm a little pissed off about things.

To wrap things up: On the show, you've been shown playing guitar and writing songs while you're on the island. If you guys ever get rescued, what's the first song you'd record? Charlie has a slightly overexaggerated opinion of himself, so he would come up with something along the lines of "I'm Back" or "Don't Worry, I've Not Disappeared." But it would have people going, "Hmm, yeah, I didn't realize he was gone in the first place. Ok, well then, welcome back."

And what would the title of the album be? The album would be called Sunburn on the Soles of My Feet.

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