BackTalk: Dominic Monaghan Page 2

How many iPods do you have? I have a few: a mini and a 60-gig. I love my iPods.

How many songs do you have on your 60? I've got my entire iTunes library on there, about 3,500 songs. Though I've bought so much that I've had to delete quite a few, too. I deleted about 2,000 songs over the summer.

What do you have on your iPod right now? I listen to a lot of different stuff - DJ Shadow, Ash, Chet Baker, Oasis, Embrace, Supergrass, Stone Roses, and obviously the Beatles never leave my side. Iron & Wine has been pretty big for me lately. I'm always listening to new music.

Cool. Back to the DVD. What do you think about commentaries? You did a great one with executive producers Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk for "The Moth" [Episode 7] on the Season 1 box set. I like doing commentaries. It's an opportunity to talk about the filming process. Also, I like having fun. I like to break the myth of actors always being very earnest people. I just like to enjoy myself. The best way for me to do a commentary is in a semi-improvisational scenario. Besides, if you're trapped in a room for 45 minutes with Bryan Burk and Damon Lindelof, there's gonna be some comedy going on. They're very irreverent, and you don't meet that many irreverent Americans out there. They are out there, but it's not easy to find them.

I asked Damon and Carlton about commentaries, and they said what they liked about them is that actors give them insight on how they feel about their characters, about what they're shooting, and how they react to their environment - which all helps them a lot since they're often in L.A. while you're shooting in Hawaii. Any information that's shared is something the writers can use. And, obviously, things come out in those commentaries where people say, "Ah, I was disappointed in this," or "I wish this had gone better," or "I wish I had done this scene instead of that scene." So I'm sure that's beneficial.

I don't necessarily tend to do business that way. If I have a problem with something, I'll tell someone, and I don't do that in a commentary. Once we get to the commentary point, I've put all those demons to bed, and I'm just doing what I consider to be pure commentary - just commenting on the show.