ADA Trinnov Room Correction

After several years of prototype demos at trade shows, Audio Design Associates (ADA) is finally releasing a consumer version of its Trinnov room correction technology in three standalone boxes—the TEQ-4 ($10,000), TEQ-8 ($12,000), and TEQ-12 ($15,000); the model number indicates how many audio channels each one supports. The first step is to play test tones and measure several listening positions with the included microphone, which uses four pickups spaced so that the speakers' position—including height—can be measured accurately.

The Trinnov processor takes the measurement data and calculates correction parameters, including phase, level, and other factors. In this screen shot, the uncorrected phase response for all channels is shown on top, the corrected phase response in the middle, and the calculated filter on the bottom.

I heard a demo of the system in RBH's booth, and it was very impressive. Without the Trinnov correction, the sound of Transformers was rather thin, but engaging the correction fattened up the sound considerably without any sense of bloat.