30 Minutes with Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof of Lost Page 2

Is there a specific scene you could cite that you "put aside" for the Season 2 DVD? DAMON: There's a scene shot for Episode 19 or 20 where Sayid and Ana Lucia are questioning Henry in the pantry - a great scene, but because there was so much going on in that episode already, we felt we could lose it. That was an instance that we looked at each other and said, "You know what? This is going to be great on the DVD."

CARLTON: I'll give you the converse of that. We had several shows during Season 2 that ran long, but we were able to get extra airtime out of ABC, so the actual running time of some of those episodes is longer than the normal running time. We got variances to air those shows long, and obviously they're on the DVD that way as well. We're always thinking that some of the episodes feel more complete with the extra time.

You two guys did two commentaries for Season 2... CARLTON: We did commentary on the first episode ["Man of Science, Man of Faith"] and "The 23rd Psalm" [Episode 10], yes.

Actually, you guys essentially do commentaries every week on the Lost podcast. CARLTON: [chuckles] I know. We enjoy doing the podcasts a lot. What's great about them is that they're immediate. I mean, we fit them in and around when we're making new episodes, particularly this past spring. Everything was so condensed at that time - we were writing and shooting, and those episodes were broadcast so close together. When we did the Season 2 podcasts, they represented what our immediate thoughts were. They emerged, as you said, as a good way for us to warm up for doing episode commentaries.

When you went back and did those DVD commentaries, had you already done the podcasts at that point, or...? DAMON: We were writing Episodes 19 and 20 at the time, and it was funny because we were doing the commentaries after we had already written that Ana Lucia and Libby were killed by Michael. But that hadn't aired yet, so we were being cagey about it on the commentary. Our producer had to remind us, "This is going to be on the DVD. They're dead. You can talk about it openly."

CARLTON: I guess the difference is when we do the commentary, we're actually watching the episode, so it keeps us on track. Unlike on the podcasts, where there are digressions about Damon not wearing pants. [chuckles all around]

DAMON: There were some comments about me not wearing pants during the "Man of Science, Man of Faith" commentary.