2016 Top Picks Of the Year Front Projectors & Screens


Front Projectors & Screens

Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB 3D LCD Projector
(October print) Epson upped its game in the 1080p midpriced projector field with this $3,999 entry that offers a great mix of videophile features including 4K compatibility (with their pixel-shifting technology) and HDR10 compatibility. $3,999, epson.com

JVC DLA-X750R and DLA-X550R D-ILA 3D Projectors
Following significant upgrades from their predecessors for brightness, compatibility with UHD HDR10 content, and other performance parameters, the DLA-X550R ($4,000), reviewed by Al Griffin, and the DLA-X750R ($7,000), reviewed by Kris Deering, were both exemplary and delivered the best contrast and black levels of any projectors we tested in 2016. Both offer 4K compliance with the company’s latest-generation eShift technology. The X550R, with most of the performance of its more expensive big brother, is an exceptional value among midpriced projectors. DLA-X750R, $7,000; DLA-X550R, $4,000, jvc.com

Seymour Screen Excellence Ambient Visionaire Black 1.2 Projection Screen
(April print) Not only is this the best ambient-light-rejecting screen we’ve tested to date, but in dark room settings its proprietary technology turned more than one average-contrast budget projector into a black-level champion. $2,257 as reviewed (90-inch wide, 16:9), seymourscreenexcellence.com

Optoma HD142X 3D DLP Projector
(See “Value”)

VApex PRO Fixed Projection Scree
(See “Value”)

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