2016 Top Picks Of the Year Extras



Astell & Kern AK Jr. Hi-Res Audio Player
(May print) A&K’s newest player brings a classy look and great sound quality to an affordable new entry-level price. $499, iriverinc.com

SVS Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System
(September print) Tames unwanted vibrations and helps keep the peace with your family members and neighbors. $50, svsound.com

Sony NW-ZX100HN Hi-Res Audio Player Bundle
(December print) An excellent hi-res audio music player that sounds great with your own ’phones and pretty darned good with the supplied noise-cancelling earbuds. $700, sony.com

TiO Home Automation System
(December print) Contributing technical editor Darryl Wilkinson really liked TiO’s ease of installation, user-adjustability, and intuitive interface. $2,979 as reviewed, tiohome.com

Control4 EA-1 Home Automation System
(January 2017 print, watch for the full review) At just $600 for a kit containing a powerful late-gen processor (that integrates Alexa voice control) and a starter wand remote, Control4 created a great new entry point for its award-winning automation platform. $600, control4.com

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Where is GoldenEar among your Top Picks for speakers? This omission casts doubt on your choices in general.