Acemile's Theatre Box Sweepstakes

Register to win an Acemile Theatre Box (MSRP $299) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Acemile’s Theatre Box is the first the world’s first portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers a 360-degree surround sound audio experience from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV without complicated set-up, wires, or even an app. Theatre Box features four 2-inch full range drivers, one 3-inch powered bass driver and delivers up to 125 watts of power, so no matter your orientation to the speaker, you’re in the “sweet spot.”


Key technologies include Bluetooth 4.0, AptX, and NFC automatic pairing, along with a built-in Lithium Ion battery that provides 20 hours of playback.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

smelonakos's picture

to win this, and to add a BT speaker to my collection!

hbomb7's picture

Just lay back at the pool and jam out or sit on the balcony and crank it up. Excellent.

Savant's picture

I'm still looking for my first BT speaker. I'm using an old iPod dock that needs to go!

somethingfast's picture

looks like a nice i would glady accept! :-)

willdao's picture

Send it my way...perfect for hanging out on the river...

JayhawkLaw's picture

This would replace my BT speaker that my daughter absconded

ChrisGully's picture

to the wired outdoor speakers or the other, smaller bluetooth/wifi speakers I have

isuguy24's picture

Looks like it would a perfect fit for our home!

burbs4972's picture

I hope to win that speaker!

Audi O.'s picture

Count me in

funambulistic's picture

Looks interesting.

Fathand's picture

Music rules and that speaker looks great!

mikerr's picture

I would love to try it out. Thank you

Mister Leadfoot's picture

When will you ship it to me?

skunk23's picture

He scores's picture

really want one

joeydonq's picture

For my man cave,Den really

dezines's picture

I hope that this sounds good.

Jackblues's picture

Yes, I'll take it.

rmesick's picture

Remodeling my living room and this would be perfect.

StudioApt HT's picture

Oh, man! I'd love one of these!

thanks for the drawing!

faitcamofthree's picture

This would be sweet!! :D

jmilton7043's picture

I am interested, so sign me up!

Wizard19's picture

Looking for my first sweepstakes win!

Quest195's picture

I still don't have a portable Bluetooth speaker. This one looks nice!

drewdlz's picture

To win this! :)

jdrehrig's picture

Wow! The technology in this speaker sounds interesting. I would love to hear it!

RobinOC's picture

Love me this contest!

Nightline's picture

wow! a whole theater in a box! I'll have to go on a diet and borrow my Uncle's shrink ray but hey, I'd love to try it out!!

EnergySpeakerFanatic's picture


vonKrag's picture

It'd work well for evenings on the patio watching movies.

headmouse's picture

Sounds great I Need one.

JaseYANG's picture


noirx7's picture

Easy way to connect!

cableguy_834's picture

Woohoo. Free speaker!

shocking1's picture

Cool! Pick me! Pick me ! Love to have it.

remamimbus's picture

really I will let my kids sleep with truly real sound of birds and jungle through this sound bar

shales's picture

A bluetooth speaker with great sound? Sign me up!

atcatdubh's picture

I would be grateful and Happy to win !

marc sortino's picture

I would love to win this!! Looks like the ultimate portable music party!!!

Nuz1's picture

That will get the patio going!

jlafount's picture

I'm sure it sounds better than the Bluetooth static I hear on my clock radio

pdrodliz's picture

I want one !!! (I will throw away my old desktop speakers) At last the possibility to hear good audio.

DarkSide's picture

Looks like a nice box. Good luck!

Rbchilders's picture

Me please.

Furai8's picture


jhwalker's picture

and thank you.

wpd332's picture

This does sound pretty cool. I'd like to have the chance to test it out!

lyndanstar's picture

looks great! love to have it!

rbrorsen's picture

Count me in!

OHMSEN's picture


dmineard's picture

I could use this and I mean that.

eaglei13's picture

Yes Please! This would be great to add surround sound to our bedroom TV.

uavakittylitter's picture

I wanna

schneiderbecket's picture

This is fun, thanks Sound and Vision!

lotusguy's picture

I'd really love to win this.

redles's picture

Would be interested in hearing this box.

TJStover's picture

Awesome! I need this!

tedcole's picture

This would be perfect for my son, who is starting college in the fall.

bostonba63's picture

360 degrees of fun.

ceegeew's picture

You had me at 360-degree surround sound audio experience!

biontsang's picture

What a concept!

pmckenna3's picture

Always interested in upgrading my sound from any device!!!!

gacf2008's picture

It will look very good in me room

Moleman X's picture

This might be just what I'm looking for.

Oreo's picture

I'll be happy to let you know if their claims are valid, should I win this.

terry williams's picture

music in garden,far out

gmayer's picture

I'd like to replace my TV's soundbar with this

mikkap's picture

This speaker must sound awesome!

aboogaard's picture

These look like they could be really nice sounding. What a unique speaker configuration.

rppb's picture

I would love to win this. I'm curious how this product would sound in my sunroom.

cdxskier's picture

Count me in!

jjbechto's picture

I'm definitely the biggest (or only) audiophile among my friends and family, but portable audio is one of the areas I'm behind them all in - a solid Bluetooth speaker would be awesome so I can maintain my reputation!

aslancub's picture

What will "they" think of next! Of course I want one!!

Nafster's picture

Congrats to the lucky winner in advance - enjoy in good health!

telman35's picture

this sounds like a great product, would like to hear a demo.

rstedman's picture

Count me in please

Nuz1's picture

Sign me up! Thank you!!

pohlmanc's picture

I will use it every day

pohlmanc's picture

I will use it every day

dusty's picture

I'm looking forward to winning this experience, and sharing it with my friends.

triforce7's picture

I'm fairly new to the Bluetooth speaker world. I've been looking for a good way to bring quality sound out from my home theater. This may be just what I am looking for!

uavpsuazo's picture

Love to get one!!!

bsher's picture

I actually ordered this during the Kickstarter campaign, but my bank account was in a bit of flux, and I had to cancel. VERY curious how these sound, and hopeful.

Mr. Vega's picture

One day I will be the winner

d-oski's picture

I can't wait to hear how it sounds!

mkopel's picture

This would be great for the backyard!

gscamp7's picture

I can't believe I won, Thank You so much Sound and Vision.

Bisbee68's picture

My daughter needs some new speakers...

amann's picture

Looks like a nice little speaker.