Dolby Atmos Theater Locations

As I recount in my coverage of the world premier of Brave, it's the first movie with a soundtrack mixed for the Dolby Atmos sound system, which envelops the audience much more than conventional 5.1 or 7.1. But as a brand new technology, Atmos is currently installed in only 14 theaters around the country.

Do you live near one of them? If so, I strongly recommend seeing Brave there so you can experience the next generation of cinema sound. Here's a list of theaters with Dolby Atmos:

Southern California

  • Burbank, CA—AMC Burbank 16
  • Century City, CA—AMC Century City 15
  • Hollywood, CA—El Capitan Theatre
  • Sherman Oaks, CA—ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Northern California
  • Fremont, CA—Century at Pacific Commons and XD
  • San Francisco, CA—AMC Van Ness 14
Pacific Northwest
  • Vancouver, WA—Cinetopia Vancouver Mall 23
East Coast
  • Lake Buena Vista, FL—AMC Downtown Disney 24
  • Paramus, NJ—AMC Garden State 16
  • Las Vegas, NV—Brenden Theatres at the Palms
  • West Plano, TX—Cinemark West Plano and XD
  • Kansas City, MO—AMC BarryWoods 24
  • Chicago, IL—Kerasotes ShowPlace Icon at Roosevelt Collection
  • Toronto, ON—SilverCity-Yonge Eglington Cinemas

Jarod's picture

For sure going to KC on Satuday to hear and see Brave in Dolby Atmos. Thankfully my wife agreed to make the 4 hour trip.

mishuk3's picture

Wow!!! You must be very fortunate to have a wife that supports your enthusiasm for trying out new products and technologies in the AV industry. My wife would never justify me if I would take it upon myself to go for such a long trip to see a movie which I could have seen in my local multiplex eventhough if the main attraction is for testing out Dolby Atmos. I would love to try it out but I guess I have to wait until it arrives in the NY metro area. Good luck on your trip and tell us how was it.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Couldn't you go see it in Paramus, NJ? That's not too far over the GW Bridge.
mishuk3's picture

Thanks for the suggestion, Scott. If it was upto me, I would definitely make the effort to go there. But the problem is, I don't have a car yet. I use mostly public transportation to get myself around in NYC (including the five boroughs). Maybe instead of Brave, if there was another action-oriented blockbuster movie, I probably would have seriously reconsidered, but with so much family obligations, it's kinda hard to manage time. But with all that being said, if this new technology from Dolby really picks up and the theatre owners adopt it at a fast pace, I'm preety sure, it is bound to show up in one of Manahattan's premeire movie theatres. Until then, I guess I have to wait eagerly and patiently. Once again, thank for your awesome and knowledagble articles, Scott!

Jarod's picture

Sorry Scott I meant to reply under mishuk3. Thanks for the good luck! I am indeed lucky to have such an understanding wife. Her love for cinema and music is just as big as mine and that's one of the big reasons we fell in love. She also lets me have a dedicated home theater in the basement and puts up with all my tech talk and constant upgrades. God bless her. Will for sure let you all know about the trip.

mishuk3's picture

You're most welcome!! I must say you're indeed fortunate enough to find a life partner who equally shares your passion. I mean don't get me wrong, my wife is into movies and gadgets and stuff but no where nearly as dedicated as your wife is. My wife will definitely appreciate enjoying a movie from a very good home theatre system which I setup at my apartment and she understands my hobby and passion. But she doesn't get excited like we do about upcoming news and the current trends going on in the AV industry. Hopefully, one day she gets more into it. All the best for your trip and hope to hear from you soon!

Jarod's picture

Good to hear mishuk3. I must say that my wife doesn't get near as techie into the hobby like say you or me does. She usually just lets me inform her on all the new news and such. Just like with Dolby Atmos she had not heard of the new format but the idea of Dolby comeing out with something new to the cinema got her excited. Thanks again mishuk3 and thanks to our wifes for putting up with us!

true audio's picture

Jarod,Please give us an update after your trip.I live in seattle (originally from Hays,ks) and would have to go to Vancover,wa of all places to hear and see.Have fun and go Royals!

Jarod's picture

Cool true audio thanks alot! I'd love to be in Seatlle right now as this Kansas heat is killing me! Will for sure post my mpressions of Dolby Atmos. Go Royals!!

DrGrissom's picture

Im from Baltimore and my friend just agreed to treck up to New Jersey with me this Saturday. Im a huge sound enthusiast so the 4 hour trip to see Brave at the AMC theater with ATMOS sound seems worth the experience. Crazy excited!

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I was researching where to see Brave in Dolby Atmos for a friend who lives near the ArcLight Sherman Oaks in L.A., and I was shocked to learn that the Atmos theater is showing it in 2D! That cineplex is also showing it in 3D, but not in Atmos. Not only that, ArcLight uses Xpand active 3D glasses, which make the picture much dimmer than RealD. So I recommend that anyone thinking about seeing it in Sherman Oaks go elsewhere. The ETX theater at the AMC 16 in Burbank (RealD 3D, Atmos) is good, but very loud.