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Subwoofer/speaker specialist SVS today announced a series of free home theater and hi-fi audio events in five cities.
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China's TCL today announced the U.S. availability of its flagship 4K TVs.
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PRICE $299

Outstanding sound from compact solution
Ample dynamics for a broad range of headphones
96kHz maximum PCM sampling rate
Requires extra-cost adapter for use with Apple Lightning devices

AudioQuest's Headphone amp/DAC-on-a-stick offers sonics to rival standard-size components.

Listeners tend to consider an external digital-to-analog converter as either completely unnecessary or absolutely essential. If you believe bits is bits, you're probably perfectly happy with the converter inside your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you don't, you likely have auditioned many a converter component with a seriously gimlet ear. Both tribes, however, can agree that the headphone amps in most smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops leave a lot to be desired when it comes to peak output, dynamics, and inherent sonic quality.

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You call them. They put you on hold. That's bad enough. Then they play the cheesy on-hold music. That makes it worse. But even that's not as bad as the actual sound quality of the music. Oh. My. Lord.

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Marvel has undeniably defined the modern comic book movie universe. As a consequence, much of Shazam!, the latest effort from rival DC, feels clichéd, and not just by superhero standards. Good young protagonists facing adversity, otherworldly forces granting extraordinary abilities, bullies who ultimately get theirs— it's all here. Shazam! even borders on outright theft with an end credit sequence straight out of Spider-Man: Homecoming.
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Headphone-maker HiFiMan is now shipping its new Ananda-BT, a Bluetooth version of its popular Ananda planar magnetic headphones.
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Q What are the realistic and/or legal options (if any) for transferring a collection of DVD and Blu-ray discs to a server or hard drive? Can this be done while maintaining full quality? Is iTunes an option? I have a Mac computer connected to my TV if that helps. —Kenny Youngers, via email

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PRICE $5,495

Impressive sound quality
Extensive feature set
Flexible control app
Limited remote control IR range

With its extensive features and flexible sound output options, Cary Audio's DMS-550 network audio player represents digital audio playback done right.

Network audio players are an emerging component category aimed at audiophiles who have made a full leap into music streaming. Many such components can also act as a preamplifier by accommodating externally connected sources such as a CD player or turntable and passing on a line-level signal to an amplifier. Because they are network-connected, streaming high-res audio files from a computer or NAS is also on the features menu, and higher-end models are often Roon Ready and MQA Certified.

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Amazon has announced a slew of new hardware and Alexa features. The list includes a next-generation Fire TV cube, a soundbar with Fire TV built-in, and several new Echo speakers. Also, Alexa is getting emotions.
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TV time-shifters, rejoice: TiVo has announced a new DVR, the TiVo Edge, along with a new streaming video service, the TiVo+ network, to go with it.