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Rob Hahn is an American film director of photography and a name you should be familiar with if you love film. He worked as cinematographer for acclaimed director Frank Oz on The Stepford Wives, The Score, and In & Out.

Working as a camera operator for Academy Award-winning cinematographers Conrad Hall (American Beauty) and Owen Roizman (The Exorcist) influenced Rob's style. With a keen eye and love for exceptional sound and projection—and with help from Keith Yates Design—he built The Hahn Theater which I named Home Theater of the Decade back in 2019.

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Audiophiles and music lovers from around the country are gearing up for the 2023 edition of The Home Entertainment Show (a.k.a. T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023), which opens Friday in Costa Mesa, California at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa hotel.
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So, I have this recurring nightmare where the spaceship's crew pushes me out of the airlock and, screaming, I am inexorably pulled into a black hole where I am transported into a new dimension where space and time cease to exist.

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In Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean captured the nation’s attention with a performance that still electrifies the screen decades after his untimely death. Its archetypal coming-of-age drama involves three high school students whose seemingly idyllic suburban lives crack under the weight of teenage angst and rebellion in post-war America.

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Spring has been kind to us. We’ve had the opportunity to evaluate and recommend a number of interesting products in recent weeks. Among them, a streaming speaker guaranteed to rock your house, luxury headphones from an iconic high-end brand known for its top-shelf electronics, two terrific TVs — one OLED, one mini-LED — a “spatial audio” speaker you can balance in the palm of your hand, and more. Read on for a rundown of our latest Top Picks in just about every AV category.
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It's been a good run. We've been able to share our Netflix account with our kids as they go off to college, with our parents, and even share the cost with friends. With the premium 4K tier running $19.99 monthly for just Netflix, it's no wonder we want to share. But after a year of working out the kinks, the sharing crackdown has begun and most of us will have to make choices.
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Build Quality
PRICE $2,000

Tight and fast bass response
Adjustable tuning controls via handy app
Frees up floor space
Installation limitations based on room construction
In-wall convenience comes with a steep price

The SVS 3000 In-Wall subwoofer is a powerful and customizable high-end subwoofer that delivers impactful bass without taking up any floor space.

Renowned for its expertise in crafting high-performance subwoofers, SVS has carved a niche for itself within the home theater and music system communities. Established in 1998 by a team of passionate audio enthusiasts their mission was to revolutionize the subwoofer market by delivering exceptional performance that exceeded existing offerings.

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Top consumer electronics brands, industry experts, and audio enthusiasts will gather for a three-day high-performance A/V show. Dedicated home theater rooms and over 60 "experience rooms" provide attendees with the opportunity to demo a wide variety of music and video systems.
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Peter Pan & Wendy is Disney's latest attempt to re-make one of its classic animated films as live action. It's been done before. Many times...
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The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA) has announced that Hisense U7K and U8K series TVs have been certified to work with its SoundSend wireless audio transmitter, a $179 adapter/transmitter that converts the TV’s audio output into a high-quality wireless signal compatible with WiSA Certified speakers.