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PRICE $399

Fabulous sound quality
Replaceable battery
Supports Alexa and Google Assistant
Convenient charging base
Mono playback
Audio input limited to wireless
No phone capability

The waterproof/dustproof Move is one of the best-sounding and full-featured portables available. It may just be my new favorite speaker.

Sonos is no stranger to compact speakers that play without wires, but the new Move ($399) is the first truly portable, battery powered model to come from the company. The Move's connectivity options let you tote it around the house and even outside when using Wi-Fi; beyond that, as long as it's charged up, you can take it anywhere and stream music via Bluetooth. The Move comes with a dedicated (and dare we say, stylish) charging base that eliminates fumbling around with connecting cables, and it can also be charged via USB-C (cable not included).

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Photos courtesy of homecinema GmbH.

The key to this stealth theater is maximum comfort and an understated, all-screen design.

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If you like vintage audio gear, you’re going to love New Jersey-based Skyfi Audio’s latest acquisition: The third and best iteration of Luxman’s legendary CL35 MKIII tube preamp (circa 1978).
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U.K. speaker specialist Q Acoustics has announced plans to launch its “largest and most powerful subwoofer” early next year.
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"The avant-garde art of the past becomes the wallpaper of the future." This statement, from a new introduction by Francis Ford Coppola contained on the Apocalypse Now Final Cut Ultra HD Blu-ray release, ultimately explains the acclaimed director's motivation to revisit his Vietnam War epic, ranked number 30 on the American Film Institute's 2007 list of the 100 Greatest American Films, and create yet another cut after already having done so in 2001 for Apocalypse Now: Redux.
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Axiim, a Kirkland, WA-based maker of WiSA-compliant wireless home theater speaker systems is now shipping a $230 app-based adapter that enables WiSA-certified speakers to connect wirelessly to certain LG TVs.
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Have you upgraded your TV to 4K yet? If not, what are you waiting for? And if you’re a typical S&V reader you might think 4K is old news but picture quality and features continue to advance at breakneck speed. Here are five TVs we’ve reviewed in recent months, all Top Picks and all offering varying degrees of excellent performance, including an LCD set that can go head to head with OLED. No kidding.
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If I subscribe to Tidal Hi-Fi should I bother with 24-bit/192-kHz playback or is 24/96 all I need?

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Build Quality
PRICE $5,998/pair

Enveloping soundstage from SDA-Pro tech
Dynamic, full-range sound
Flush-mounted elevation module option
Somewhat bulky cabinet design
Requires SDA-Pro interconnect cable

SDA-Pro, the latest refinement of Polk Audio's proprietary tech, elevates the performance of its impressive flagship speaker.

Many years ago (the early 1980s, to be precise), Polk Audio produced the first speakers to feature a technology it had developed called SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array). The idea behind SDA was to eliminate a problem called interaural crosstalk that's a necessary artifact of typical two-channel speaker configurations. Basically put, when listening in stereo, your left/ right ears hear not just sound emanating from the respective left/right speakers, but sound coming from the other speaker as well. According to Polk Audio, this has a constricting effect on the presentation, with the width, height, and depth of the stereo image coming across as a pale representation of what's actually contained on the recording.

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Verizon has announced that it will offer 12 free months of Disney+ to its “4G LTE and 5G unlimited wireless” customers when the new streaming service launches November 12.